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Meerkat Meerkat is an electronic music duo from southern Germany and they just released their second single “Blackness/Galaxy” which was composed during a starlit Tuscan night and they capture the magic of a pitch-black night enlightened only by the billions of stars quietly burning out in faraway galaxies. The track is a stomping techno jam with soulful vocals courtesy of NYC based Chef KPE who had this to say about the lyrics/vocals:

“Resignated from a place of thought while looking into the midnight Tuscan sky about the fight for our people of color in America and how we are the Blackholes creating this attraction that can’t and won’t be ignored just as in the power of the actual blackhole as recently captured in an image April 2019. Its voice, it’s power, its structure is so enormous it absorbs the light. I wanted this to be an EDM homage to the original house music with some feel of soul.”

Swedish producer/artist Kleerup released his much anticipated new single “Lovers Table” (via Norwegian label U OK?, home to among others boy pablo, Gundelach) yesterday, the single features UK dance-pop outfit AlunaGeorge. “Lovers Table” is the first taste from the new Kleerup album which is due for release at the end of 2019.

“Lovers Table” is a pulsating dance-pop jam that comes interspersed with lush melodies and the soulful vocals of Aluna.

NYC based warner case is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and cat lover with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. He was named one of Audiomack’s “Top 20 Emerging Artists” of 2019. His new single “if it fits” (out now via French label Unity) further cements that notion with its bubbling beat and warm vocals. The track has already been supported by The Magician, Martin Garrix, Ultra Music and more.

“if it fits” came from my finally accepting what the world has been telling me since birth: be yourself. We’re the only ones in the world uniquely like us, so why try to be someone we’re not? I spent too much time worrying about what other people think, and changing myself to try to adapt to that. but once I truly accepted me for who i am, everything in life fell into place. it’s a rewarding feeling. In particular, I wrote this about accepting differences in a significant other — my fiancée in this case — and realizing it’s these very differences that make someone special. love them for their quirks”