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UK outfit HMLTD releases the visuals for the lush sounding single track “Why?”, taken off their forthcoming album “West Of Eden” which is slated for a release via Lucky Number on February 7th 2020 and is described as being: “a daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression”

“A further mirror to the modern world we live in – via exploring the paradoxical loneliness that defines modern, urban life. Set in Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan city and with the verse written in Japanese the song talks about being surrounded by people but an ever increased alienation and detachment from surrounding, neighbours and relationships. As the song progresses, the chorus sounds like Japanese but in fact is gibberish – mimicking the vertigo of detachment. Even when one does communicate. Is anybody really listening, understanding or trying to understand?”

To preview their upcoming final album “Matriarchy (out on December 13th), UK trio Foreign Beggars share the video for lead single “Young Kings & Queen”.

“Kids growing up these days have years in hostile environments and felt a lot of struggle due to a decade of Austerity.. with so many youth centres shutting down and violence on the rise wanted to make a song to reach out and shed some light and guidance. The video was shot in and around Manchester by Tarnish Vision and really captures the bittersweet essence of the song”

18-year-old Danish artist Askling provides her powerful new pop/r’n’b sounding single “When It Ends”. The theme of the up-close and personal song is of a lover who’s only capable of showing his love when it’s too late.