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For this next edition of our Discobelle Mix series, Melbourne based Kendl has granted us the gift of exclusively sharing his second ever mix on the internet airwaves. His meticulous curation of records mixed with his own unreleased originals and remixes will align your heartbeat with the BPM of the universe. He is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on, as some of these dreamy IDs will come to fruition in the nearby future.

The trp – Eagle

Sep 21 2017

R&B as a genre tends to fall into generational ‘safe spots,’ but every once in a while an exceptional act comes along and crushes the lull. For 2017, that act has very much been The trp. The self-profession ‘surreal R&B’ trio has been lacing the marketing with intricately layered jams for a good couple of years now, but hit a brand new high corutesy of ‘Eagle.’ With soul you could sink your teeth into and beautifully minimalistic instrumentation, the track sets anticipation for their forthcoming SOAK EP at an all time high, proving there are some new and exciting shades to the R&B world for 2017.

Kraver – Moorea

Sep 21 2017

Italo disco still has a place on dancefloors – just as Dutch duo Kraver. The act has had a long and sparing run of high quality releases keeping the genre ticking, but finally break their silence this motnh with ‘Moorea.’ The track sits somewhere between a retro video game soundtrack and a melodically charged ode to the genre, marking a surprise return from Kraver and a sound that refuses to admit defeat.

Toronto’s French Braids is a melodic force to be reckoned with. He’s also gone and brought Frankmusik back into the spotlight courtesy of ‘Wildfire,’ a beautiful set-piece of docile vocal club work from this next generation dream team. This chilled little number is sure to hold its corner into 2018, setting a welcome bar for the soulful swagger of French Braids.

We’re excited to have the premiere of Washington DC-based production duo Indiginis’ new single “Only You.” The recently signed Majestic Casual signees enlisted the intoxicating vocal stylings of songwriter Jessica Millete, combining to make a song that moves, soothes, and causes the feels. The process to completion wasn’t an easy one, with “Only You” only reaching it’s final form after two years of perfecting. Read what Indiginis had to say about their new single below:

Back when Indiginis was still a primordial idea, it was this song that helped set the tone and standard for later releases to come. The chorus was our chance to show our love for sound design. We incorporated retro synths, foley sound effects of soda cans, kung fu sound effects, cash registers, metal chains, circuit bending. It was a conscious decision to take these unconventional left turns that made the song end up sounding unique to us and would later set the stage for our style. – Indiginis

Beautifully work by Moods with this soul-tinged new single. “Truth” featuring Beau Nox hits the heart in all the right places and sets the mood for some well-deserved relaxation. The lead track from his forthcoming debut album, “Truth” is out now via Boogie Angst.