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Every now and then a song comes across my radar that no matter the mood I’m in, instantly cheers me right up. Today I discovered a song by Julien Earle called “The Ones.” It somehow has a feeling of animosity, while still providing an uplifting summer fondness.

Trails, hailing from Germany, has been an artist on my radar for some time now. Following a massive remix of Joji’s hit single “Will He,” this young producer has released an original “Hold Up.” This single has it all, huge horns, salacious vocals and massive sound design.

For a long time 2ToneDisco has always been focused on Japanese culture, Anime, Video Games, and the surrounding subcultures. They’ve has always had a goal of working with Japanese artists, touring in Japan, and just generally staying true to who they are.
While working with Happy Kuru Kuru may be a one-off track, this is the first in a series of collaborations with native Japanese/Korean artists in an effort to establish 2ToneDisco’s growing fan base in the south east Asian region ahead of touring.