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Ottawa production/dj hero Illo with a chilled out remix of the Major Lazer hit track “Get Free”, this should be played as the sun sets with a drink in each hand.

“Waves Wont Break Until The Tide Comes In

What Will I Do In The Sunrise

What Will I Do Without My Dreams.




I tried to play a Kalimba once and it hurt my fingers a lot. Someone who had a much easier go of it is producer STINT and you can really hear the finger harp come out in his latest remix of Canadian singer Sebell’s “Promiseland.” This nouveau R&B flip carries all of what we’ve come to expect from Stint – original yet completely unexpected.


Malibu, CA’s label International House of Sound has announced their first signing TUCH, a nu-R&B duo. The brainchild of Austin Taylor Tirado and Michael James Lee, TUCH is the culmination of the both members’ influences – from soul, hip hop, post-punk, and classical, while still leaving room for experimentation. The duo’s first single “Unlock” is lush and irresistibly sensual. Stream it below.