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Mixin’ it up: Per – Computerstyle.org

Jan 21 2006

per-computerstyle.jpgWhat better way to start off then with a brand new mix? Reggae fr̴n Per at Computerstyle.org this time. From now on the mixes will only be available one month after posting Рour bandwidth is going bananas.

Link below the tracklist!
1. Eek-A-Mouse – Live on Aces Intl. 1982
2. Junior Gong & Bounty Killer – Khaki Suit

First up is a live recording of Eek-A-Mouse from back in the day. I’m
pretty sure this is what the Marley boys sampled to build the beat for
“Khaki Suit”, the follow up to “Welcome To Jamrock”.

3. King Kong – Call Mr Madden

A sound killer from King Kong, on a Massive B version of the good old
Stalag riddim. You just can’t go wrong with samples from the soundtrack to
“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. The Mr Madden in question is a well
known and very busy Jamaican undertaker.

4. Dennis Brown – Stop the fussing and fighting
5. Junior Murvin – Cool out son

Something a little less bloodthristy – the crown prince D.Brown on the
Real Rock follwed by another version from Junior Murvin.

6. Lone Ranger – Style & Fashion

Lone Ranger is so hot even the cripples start dancing.

7. Anthony Johnson – She have fi come a me
8. Early B – Visit of King Selassie
9. Early B – DJ Origination

The Full Up riddim is a classic, of course most well know for Musical
Youth’s novelty hit “Pass the Dutchie”. These two are Midnight Rock
versions produced by Jah Thomas. Anthony “Gunshot” Johnson delivers some
sweetness for the girls and my favorite deejay Early B tells the tale of
Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica in 1966. Early B – who died in a gun
related accident back in the eighties if I remember correctly – is so
awesome I have to play two tracks by him.

10. Tenor Saw – Lots of signs
11. Pampidoo – Syntheziser Voice
12. Admiral Bailey – Jump Up
13. Tiger – Bam Bam
14. Frankie Paul – Casanova

Towards Waterhouse now. First another late giant – “Lots of Signs” is one
of Tenor Saw’s biggest hits released on Youth Promotion. This is followed
by a pile of fortyfives from Jammy’s: rock stone voice Pampidoo,
heavyweight Admiral Bailey, madman Tiger and some Frankie Paul.

15. Red Dragon – Explode Gal
16. Top Cat – Drunken Master
17. Bitty McLean – Walk Away From Love

The tempo gets turned up another notch with a Red Dragon hit from the mid
nineties, and Top Cat is England’s finest if you ask me. Especially here
with a ton of kung-fu references. Finally Bitty McLeans brilliant
Temptations cover over an ancient Treasure Isle riddim. Clap your hands
and stomp your feet.

Download Disco Belle inna Computer Style here!