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Dr Dre & Jay-Z?

Jan 22 2006

We got this rumor from www.ughh.com.

Well it’s that time of year again. The ol’ rumor mill is churning outsome goodness these days. A source close to UGHH.com who works for Dr.Dre’s production team out in L.A. has announced that the good doctor isgoing to be producing a majority of Jay-Z’s upcoming LP. Yep, you readright; Jay-Z’s upcoming LP. Rumors of Jay’s return to the game have beenrampant since the moment he announced his retirement, but the sourceconfirms that Jay-Z has already laid down at least two Dr. Dre lacedtracks for the LP, and states that the tracks are molten lava! Ofcourse, nothing has been confirmed officially from either camp. If therumor proves true, prepare for the Jiggaman to shut down the game in theoh-six.