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Feb 1 2006


We’ve got a Swedish beef! But it didn’t start off with one white rapper talking trash about another rappers pet polar bear – oh no, it’s much less then that.

Apparently, pseudo-rockers The Sounds had some sort of problem with the hyped up band The Embassy and waited for them to get off the stage at the Gothenburg Film Festival the other day. When the did, some sort of fight started and Torbjörn was kicked out and The Sounds had to leave. But someone in their entourage waited in the bushes and managed to hit The Embassy over the head with a bottle.

After all this The Tough Alliance, a completely different band but on the same label, declared a fatwa on The Sounds. And that’s about as far as it’s gone. Don’t expect any equivalents to G-Unot or anything like that.

Audio: The Sounds vs Embassy