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Mixin’ it up: Crunky Q

Feb 10 2006

Crunky QFrance mixin’ it up! Crunky Q straight outta Paris has done the mix for this week. In his own words:

I started the mix with Dj Marlboro’s Rocky theme. It’s one of the most famous Baile funk tracks, and the same loop that was also used on M.I.A.’s Bucky Done Gun. Then I wanted to follow with some Bass classics from Miami and Atlanta (Slack Pack, A-Town Playas, Freak Nasty). Miami Bass is really important to me because it is the roots of all the music I like (Crunk, Baile funk, Ghettotech…).

The two following songs are Baile Funk tracks produced by Dj Marrentinho that I found on the Internet. I don’t know if he’s a famous producer in Brasil, but I like his work. It’s really difficult to talk about Baile funk, because it’s so new and because I don’t understand any of lyrics (except for “Popozuda”…).

Someone told me there was a huge difference between the songs we know here in Europe and the songs you can hear in the Favelas… But I love it and I try hard to find Funk tracks everywhere I can.

Then I play Hit The Floor by Twista, which is a great club track. You can feel the influence of Miami Bass in this track and that is what I like about this song.

The Modeselektor and TTC track is awesome, it has been played a lot in the clubs here in Paris. What I like about it is how the vocals are a part of the melody rather than just lyrics over a instrumental. Then I mixed Shook Ones instrumental over it. It’s amazing to see how some songs work when you play them at 45rpm. I did the same thing with Pass The Couvoisier and I mixed it with SOV’s Random. I felt in love with Lady Sovereign when I saw
her on stage last year, she is one of the best emcee I’ve ever seen.

Then there is some Bmore club tracks from Bamabounce (Dj Taj & Dj Tameil). Kidnapp Santa Claus is wonderful with that sample from the Nightmare before Christmas. Then Low Budget’s Bmore mix of Welcome to Jamrock.

Then I go for a noisy electro part with the instrumental version of Prince Po’s Hold dat (produced by Richard X), Justice’s Waters of Nazareth from Ed Bangers Records (a great music label), and Vitalic’s No Fun. Then, there is Metal by Afrikaa Bambataa which drove me crazy the first time I heard it because of that crazy synth loop. That track is from 2004 and Bam’ is still in the game.

The last track is Rage Against The Machine’s cover of Afrikaa Bambataa’s Renegades of Funk because RATM was the best rock band for teenagers that ever existed.

1. Rocky Theme – Dj Marlboro
2. Scrub Da Ground – Slack Pack
3. Bankhead Bounce – A-town Playas
4. Da Dip – Freak Nasty
5. LoverBoyzs – Bonde Tesao
6. Danadinha com Teṣo РBonde Teṣo e As Danadinhas
7. Ela da – Os Magrinhos
8. Danaa dos Catitos – Os Catitos
9. Popozao Planeta Xuxa – DJ Marlboro
10. Hit The Floor (ft. Pitbull) – Twista
11. Dancing Box (ft. TTC) – Modeselektor
Shook Ones (instrumental) – Mobb Deep
12. Random (acapella) – Lady Sovereign
Pass the Courvoisier Pt.2 (instrumental) – Busta Rhymes
13. Uncle Fukker 2005 – Bamabounce
14. Kidnapp Santa Claus – Bamabounce
15. Call it murder – Low Budget
16. Lean Back – Dj Tameil
17. Hold dat (Instrumental) – Prince Po
The Rythm, The Rebel (acapella) – Public Enemy
18. Waters of Nazareth – Justice
19. No Fun – Vitalic
20. Metal – Afrikaa Bambataa
21. Renegades of funk – Rage Against The Machine

Download Heat2thaNorth here