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Mixin’ it up: Caps & Jones

Feb 17 2006

Caps and JonesFinally! Ever since DJ Ayres did our first mix we’ve been waiting for the possibility to present two other greats from NYC. Welcome, Caps & Jones.

This mix for us sounds like our January 2006. We made it in Brooklyn, at my apartment in Greenpoint. It was fun – the first real tape we’d done since the Lemon-Red mix. It kinda feels like Winter Break from school, listening to it now.

1) Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth

The wierd pitch-bend synth on the hook has been stuck in each of our heads for like three months, so we had to kick off with this. Plus we had to use it before Nick Catchdubs did!

2) Architecture of Helsinki – Do the Whirlwind b/w Beatnuts – Gimme Tha Ass (C&J rmx)

Architecture of Helsinki is Jones’s nomination for catchiest song ever, and Gimme Tha Ass is my joint from way back in high school. Psycho Les’d probably be mad at this, but I’m not. Shit, maybe he wouldn’t be.

3) Triple J – Boyshorts

In this song, dude says THAT PUSSY AIN’T GOT NO FUMES. That’s why it’s on here. Plus the keys on the hook are real.

4) Spankrock – Backyard Betty

SPANK RO! Taking over the world in 2006 for REAL for real.

5) Jane Child – Don’t Wanna Fall In Love
6) Stevie Nicks – Stand Back

A couple 80’s femme fatale bangers that have been ringing our bell. The Jane Child has gnarly drum programming and Prince wrote the Stevie Nicks song, which is kinda a crazy inversion of Little Red Corvette, if you listen to it.

7) Too Short – I Need A Freak
8) Rappin 4Tay – I’ll Be Around

Classics from the Bay. Next time we’ll get Richie Rich and Dru Down on it.

9) Ian Dury and the Seven Seas Players – Spasticus Autisticus

We took out the Ian Dury vocals to get to that sweet nougat.

10) Assassin – Bang Bang (Sleepy Dog Riddim)

The first drunk-ass chopped and screwed thing we ever did. Sounds real spooky.

11) 2 Live Crew – Banned in the USA

Me and my girlfriend were watching Lil Waynes’ Favorite Videos on BET the other day and Weezy played this song. I went crazy cause the last time I saw the video was in 1994 on the Box. Best vocal chops ever. We wanted to let the whole song play out, but I guess this is a mix or whatever so we had to keep it moving. But go download it and listen to Luke’s speech about America. That’s why the 2 Live Crew case gets taught in Con Law classes in every law school in the country.

12) Daft Punk – Veridis Quo b/w Bonde Do Role – Jabuticaba

We slowed down the Bonde Do Role acapella using a sock so that’s why it warbles like that. We wanted her to be kinda drunk sounding and whispering in your ear. Her voice is really beautiful. Between her and the computer lady who’s speaking Swedish on the drop, this is hot.

13) Simian – Never Be Alone (Justice remix)

Girls like this song.

14) Morgan Geist – Lullaby
15) Amanda Blank – Get Um Girl
16) Royksopp – What Else Is There (thin white duke rmx)
17) Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

This is a real pretty walk home. Thanks so much for checking us out.

Download Caps och Jones lyssnar here!