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Mixin’ it up: my!gay!husband! & Paul Devro

Mar 3 2006

summerlovers.jpgEverybody’s favourite Canadian just hooked us up with another preview of an upcoming mixtape. my!gay!husband! and his main man Paul Devro is letting you hear 25 minutes of pre-mix freshness here at Disco Belle. This is his own description of the tracks:
PHOENIXIf I ever feel better
– In all my years you can’t get a better and currentera made disco track like Phoenix did. Every gig, I can pull this out and the prettiest lil girl will always come up and do the “who is this?! I need to know this!” face.

– Unsigned lil myspace band. Just universal girl and club lyrics. And he makes fun of bouncers in the lyrics, and I think that anti bouncer theme just made me smile a lil bit.

WILLIE HUTCHTell me why our love turned cold
– Best. Voice. Ever. And now people will dance to this tune even though it has the softest backbeat of all time since our boys Three 6 Mafia touched it up with Stay Fly.

CHEMISEShe can’t love you
– Classic synthy cameo-esque girl disco makeoutparty.

UNKNOWN BAILE ARTISTWhen I think about you sample
– Grabbed this Baile tune from the Funk Nuertico comps. Even my Baile man here in Vancouver, Paul Devro (who remixes the new Bonde Do Role 12″) couldn’t figure it out. With all the baile that is samplin new rave shit and cheese hooks its nice to hear an old disco voice that girlies can get their clap on too (handclap… not nasty std clap).

YEAH YEAH YEAHSGold lion (Diplo mix)
– Its just nice to hear Karen O’s voice over something that isn’t a played out cokeelectro remix. Jumpy drums and jumpy lyrics and its fuckin Diplo. itsIactually law in canada that all mixtapes must contain one Diplo name drop.

SPRAGGA BENZApplause riddim
– Scariest voice in dancehall. Done.

– One of our old houseparty re edits from last year. All skiddy and what not.

YELShort dick cuizi
– The fuckin queen of hype right now. I have never seen a song played out that NO ONE can possibly know in the crowd and they react like they lost their virginity to it. Big things from YEL coming soon.

– Nice guys. Deejayed with with last year in Vancouver, after their North America tour with Franz Ferdy. David Bowie coldness meets those lovely frenchskid filters.

– One of the greatest sad girl musicians in north america. produced by Phil Elrum of the Microphones & Mount Eerie, this rare upbeat dance track gets all the indie nerds in the back of the house party crowdsurfing in living rooms.

– DFA1979 affiliated new side dance project is
a) from canada so we’re stoked
b) producing the biggest remixes right now for the likes of BlocParty, Annie & WolfMother!
c) vocoder heavy, so we are mad crushing them right now

m!g!h!ESG vs DIZZEERASCAL – Stand up tall
– Another skid mix of ours from last year. You can’t beat this classic ESG tune and DIZZEE’s voice is the fuckin Morrissey of rap. His voice is superunique and is better than instrument I have heard on earth… well that’s a bit much… just a skid hot club trax.

Thanks! And check out our record label + myspace!

Download Mixtapesareforlosers pre-mix here!

* * *

Bonus: Swedish Shimmy Shimmy Ya Sound have done an excellent mix for our Swedish brother Discobelle.se. Don’t sleep!