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Mixin’ it up: Tittsworth

Mar 10 2006

tittsworth.jpgWe’re stacking so many hot mixes on this site that we’ve decided to go back to the old schedule. One, every other week that is. But this right here from Tittsworth was too hot to hold back. Take it away T!

This is a mix I did for Discobelle. It was recorded on the first take w/ no rehersal (or booze even). We’re gonna go thru 20 songs in 27 minutes… ready?

Loving the first few soul and rnb inspired cuts. Kicked it off with that prototype plate from Technics because I’m really feeling the direction and speed of it all. The flute anthem is next and what can I say other than beauty in simplicity. I still can’t get enough of that sample!! I own three different songs w/ that same sample but this is my favorite.

Next is Bamabounce’s smoovness, whose name you’ll notice a few times throughout the mix. He and Mark B are some of my favorite club producers at the moment. This leads into my 4tops oldies joint. I wrote this on saturday right before a philly gig and they really seemed to dig it. This is the end of the foreplay part of the mix. Actually, it’s so sexy, we gonna call it fiveplay.

After that we pick it up with a real roller from Newsense, this super cool cat from balmer city I met at a bbc jumpoff.

Titts trivia: The Fat Boys was actually one of the first tapes I ever bought.

After that, we continue to raise the energy with Mark B’s club rattler… expertly sequenced as usual mark!! I have a quick porkchops and onion gravy drop for you cuz I like this song, plus I’m really hungry w/ nothing to eat in my house right now. After that you have back-to-back jeffersons tracks from Bama and me before taking a quick commercial break w/ Poppin my collar and Stay fly (congrats to Three6!).

Next is my latest go-go / club fusion, rough it off, which is a dc classic. Junkyard band trivia: JYB was often CONTRACTUALLY prohibited from playing this song because of how rowdy cats get at the gogo. Then we tip our 40 for ODB and Barry White with my house infused tribute before Jill Scott (skips and then) takes us a little deeper with familiar hard drive and zhane melodies (f/ a perfect mash from Ayres).

After that we have a crudely cut spelling of my name (shouts to Marty Mar on the mic!) awkwardly looped to sound like E-A. Then I blend into Samir’s minimal siren catchiness (shouts out to unruly!) before ending it w/ two quick anthems from the b-more DON’s Rod (you like the police shout out?) and Technics.

Dj TechnicsDoo Dew Prototype
Kw Griff + Lil JayFlute
NewsenseStick em
Mark BShake the club
Pork chops and onion gravy
BamabounceFinally got up that hill
BamabouncePoppin my Collar
TittsworthStay Fly
TittsworthRough it off
TittsworthDirty White
Jill ScottHe loves me
Hey Mr DJ (candy apple mix)
DJ AyresDeep down mash
Tittsworth drop
Rod LeeWhat They Gon Do
TechnicsGet up on it and ride that thing

Download Tittsworth for Discobelle here!