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DJ Ayres Laptop Fundraiser Pledge Drive!

Apr 10 2006

We got a message from DJ Ayres:

“I left my laptop in the seatback pocket on the plane back from Miami. I called the baggage lost and found people and it wasn’t turned in. That means I’m out $2000. Fucking great way to start the week.


It’s the DJ Ayres Laptop Fundraiser Pledge Drive! Help me turn lemons in to slightly less sour lemons.

Everyone who buys a Rub T-Shirt gets a free exclusive “It’s The Motherfucking Remix Volume 2.1” CD. This CD features a bunch of tracks from It’s the Motherfucking Remix Vol 1 & 2 and exclusives from the next Rub EP all as separate tracks (not mixed together) so DJs can play them in a CDJ or Serato. I pressed this CD in limited quantities to give to other DJs at Winter Music Conference and South by Southwest and it is not for sale anywhere.


Here are the T-Shirt colors:

The Rub Logo Tees


Royal / Orange (S – XL)
Brown / Gold Foil (S – XL)
White / Gold Foil (S – XL)
White / Teal / Blue (S – XL)
White / Orange (M – XL)

I have those gold shirts available in Women’s American Apparel size S & M too. Everything else is in Men’s sizes.

The Rub Mars Tees:


Teal / Black (S – XL)
Red / Black (L – XXL)
Lime Green / Black (S – XXL).

Paypal $18 to ayres2001@hotmail.com and note your size, color, style, and that you want the free CD.”