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Clinton Sparks against the wall

Apr 12 2006

Clinton Sparks & Bun B

A while ago we had the chance to ask some questions to Mr Get Familiar himself – Clinton Sparks! And we got some info about the nex mixtape from The Clipse as well. So here you go:

Your latest collaboration, Touch the Sky with Kanye West, seems to feature a lot of the current stars. Do you work differently if the project is with artists like Diddy, Pharrell or Nas compared to local or upcoming rappers?

– Its different with everybody. It depends if its an artist with a fanbase as opposed to an artist trying to develop one & Get people familiar with their product. A lot of factors come into play, for instance if its an established artist I already know how they sound & what would work for them & or maybe how far I could push the envelope with respects to doing something a bit different than their fanbase is used to.

On the other hand, with an unfamiliar artist you need to have the records with the most potential reaction or impact to a new listener be their 1st introduction to the world… So placement & order of track list is crucial on a new artist mixtape.

Tell us about the long awaited Clipse record. What can we expect and how involved have you been?

What I can say is the Clipse are one of the meanest groups when it comes to lyrics, almost over a lot of peoples heads, they are so nice! You can expect Mean beats & mean lyrics! We Got it for cheap Vol III coming soon with a DVD concert of vol II packaged together courtesy of mixunit.com… Get Familiar!!

Satellite radio is exploding in America and your show Smashtime radio has become very popular. Why do you think is the major success factor of the show?

– I’m very fortunate that people have taken an interest in SmashtimeRadio which is not only on Sirius/Shade 45 but internationally syndicated on terrestrial radio as well. I believe the reason it has become a popular show is because of the celebrity guests & my style of interviewing which is more unorthodox than the usual.

For instance, I would ask T.I. What’s the heaviest girl he’s ever smashed before he was famous or E40 if he ever uses slanguage while having sex & the girl has no idea what he’s saying to her. I like to let listeners hear a different side of their favorite artist so that they can see they are just regular people too who pass gas while performing (which I asked Heather Hunter). As well as hot new music & my style of actually really DJing… Playing exclusive remixes, production, imaging, etc. Its a very energetic show!

What are your feelings on music over the internet in general – file sharing and so forth?

– I think the internet has made a lot of People who are not DJs think they are & its disrespectful & discrediting to the artform that people have worked hard to create. On the other hand its the most incredible way to create buzz on a new artist & or new record.

What should people expect form Clinton Sparks in 2006?

SmashtimeRadio to elevate to become one of the biggest & best radio shows in the world. Mixunit.com to continue to lead the path in online music & its lifestyle promotions & sales. My voice, image & likeness will be feat in 2 new video games dropping this year, Scarface & Saints row. More production, more mixtapes, TV & movies. Get Familiar!