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Mixin’ it up: Kornel y Barbaro

Apr 14 2006

We’re back! And we decided to keep is Swedish this week. Kornel and Sebastian did a sequel to Codeine Talking for all you Disco Belle readers. Happy Easter!

01. Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch

When we did our last slow mix together (you can get it here) we started off with Daft Punks horror-techno joint “The Brainwasher”. It feels good to start off with Daft Punk (sort of) this time too. Also, we remember when the Swedish magazine Bibel sent out a CD to their subscribers that in included this track, played on 33 rpm instead of 45 rpm that was intended. Even 90´s people understood that techno was supposed to be screwed.

02. Hug – The Happy Monster / Lil Jon, E-40 & Sean Paul – Snap Yo Fingers (Acapella)

We’re really big John Dahlbäck fans and “The Happy Monster” might be his finest hour. We threw in Lil Jons “Snap Yo Fingers”-acapella to make it a bit more funky. Lil Jon has said that his crunk is a slow interpretation of the eurotechno at his favourite strip club, so we thought that he might like the company.

03. The Knife – Marble House

Next to all these downpitched minimal techno joints “Marble House” feels even heavier that on its own. You get the same sort of grinding feeling of dystopia that you got with early Human League and on the Tigersushi collection “So Young But So Cold” with french post-punk that you can’t dance to.

04. Black Uhuru – Painful Dub

Digital dub from 1986. Don’t miss the strings!

05. Primal Scream – Trainspotting

The Trainspotting track is still mainly cheezy elevator music. But the first few bars, that we’ve looped here, are still really heavy, like something with the The Congos, Robertinho Silva or Wagner.

06. Paul Woodford – Erotic Discourse

Here’s the recipe for the bouncy material “flubber” from an issue of Time in the 60´s after the Disney-film “The Nutty Professor” wanted everyone to jump high:

“To one pound of salt water taffy add one heaping tablespoon polyurethane foam, one cake crumbled yeast. Mix till smooth, allow to rise. Then pour into saucepan over one cup cracked rice with one cup water. Add topping of molasses. Boil till lid lifts and says ‘Qurlp’.”

“Erotic Discourse” is like ten secondes of euforia and then a three minute wait for that bass sound to start bouncing again.

07. Logic System – Unit

Japanese computer rock from 1983.

08. Jochen Trappe – Organic

The thing you really like about slowing minimal techno is how the funky polyrythmic is enhanced. Instead of tightly compressed melodies you hear the space inbetween the beats more clearly. This is like a metallic Can track from the future, yay!

09. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Do Not Break

Try pitching down the entire new Ellen Allien & Apparat album. THe details are nice. This is the track of the year, by the way.

10. The Field – The Little Heart It Beats So Fast

Our friend The Field is the best in Sweden at doing euforic twee-techno. In this one he samples the moan from “Some Indulgence” in a track that we think will be released on Kompakt pretty soon.

11. Faithless – Insomnia (some sort of remix)

This is where it gets dark and scary. A Kilotin-classic (shout out!) in a pumping trance-remix.

12. Spacemen 3 – I Love You (Remix)

Download Codeine Talking vol. 2 here!