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Mixin’ it up: Mr Suitcase

Apr 28 2006

One of Swedens finest, Mr Suitcase, gladly presents his mix for the week:

01 Minilogue – “The Girl From Botany Bay”

This is the sound of tulip fields in bloom, perfect sunrises and that first day of spring when you can go outside without wearing winter coat with raised collar. Spring came late to Sweden this year but Minilogue makes it already feel like high summer.

02 Moonbootica – “Pretty Little Angels (Tomas Barford remix)”

I find this track a little dull in the monotonous parts, but when the pads and those dreamy vocals break through, it’s amazing. So I cut it up and only use the lush parts. Very much sunshine in this one, as well.

03 Kid Alex – “Young And Beautiful (Egoexpress mix)”

When a commercial dance track is remixed by a more minimally oriented techno producer, something special often happens. The song’s hook remains but the daft production is replaced by the – in my view – more attractive sound.

04 Dominik Eulberg – “Potzblitz & Donnerwetter”

When he does lush, vivid tracks like this one, I absolutely love Dominik Eulberg. He’s such a great producer. You can tell from the lushness that he has worked as a nationalpark ranger. If you put your ears to the ground beside a tall pine tree, you can hear the same rhythm that drives this track coming from insects in the undergrowth.

05 Fragma and Kirsty Hawkshaw – “Radio Waves (original mix)”

This is sooo up my street! Although I don’t at all subscribe to trance producers’ latest fad of using guitars everywhere (sampling The Police is never ok, ok?), I think the Jacques lu Cont-ish break in this one is just amazing. I walk to my job and often I go there really early. To walk on empty streets, spring sun already high in the sky, with “Radio Waves” in the headphones… It’s the best possible start of any workday.

06 Eyerer & Chopstick – “Electric (Williams remix)”

Everything in this track feels untight. The bass is slightly off-beat and the other sounds jsut seem to to be trying to find the right tempo. It’s brilliant! And when it switches 3/4 and then comes back it’s just mad.

07 Williams – “Pinball (Club mix)”

One of my favourite tracks of 2006. Though it’s rather mellow, the little arpeggio-thing gives it so much energy.

08 Daft Punk – “Prime Time of Your Life (Para One remix, Konstruction edit)”

The original song was great and I had been looking forward to remixes of it. Para One’s techy take on it worked for me when I played it at home, but I couldn’t blend it nicely into a DJ set. Let’s not go into whether that says more about me as a DJ than about the track’s qualities, ok? Anyway, the Konstruction people made an edit of it that has improved it lots.

09 Freeform Five – “No More Conversations (Mylo remix)”

Being a sucker for smash hits with grandiose basslines, I obviously love this one. What I wrote above about “Radio Waves” and early mornings on deserted streets… Well, same applies to this one.

10 Mr.Suitcase – “After Winter’s Rain and Ruin”

I couldn’t make a spring themed mixtape without contributing myself, no? This track was never supposed to be released, but for Discobelle it’s worth it. A couple of weeks ago, on the first really nice spring day, I lay at home with a fever and the sun was flooding through my windows. In a sudden rush of inspiration, I took some leftover tracks from when we recorded backing vocals for a song on my forthcoming EP, did some cut and paste and made a new track out of it. Fun thing is, there’s a difference of 14 bpm between the track they were recorded for and this one, but I think it works quite well.

11 Filterheadz – “Endless Summer (original mix)”

Just as well to go all the way with the Ibiza hits now that we’ve started. Title says it all. I really like the Underworld-ish synth-stabs that start halfway through.

12 Orbital – “Belfast”

The greatest song ever written. For sure. It’s fifteen years old but sounds like it was done yesterday. And whether they knew it or not, the Hartnoll brothers not only made a fantastic track but at the same time also made a soundtrack to tulip fields in bloom, perfect sunrises and that first day of spring when you can go outside without wearing winter coat with raised collar. Let’s fall in love!

Download Mr Suitcase for Disco Belle here!