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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Puff owns Ma$e and now Fiddy wants him but don’t wanna pay the millions Puffy asks for him.

Did I read something wrong here? Fighting over Ma$e? Are we getting “free Ma$e”-shirts? Whats next? Kevin Federline getting a rap career?

But I want to know what Misa got on Puff and can I order some drama at the VMA’s please?

50 cent – The Bomb (speedyshare)

Let’s hear what a corporate head has to say about it?

Phone call #5

(443) 450 4004 – holla!


We just can’t get enough of this Lily Allen-thing going on. She’s got a new competition that fits us just perfect – even if it only applies to those of you in England. Remix time!

1. So – if you live in Britain, click here and sign up, make a remix and send it to this address. The winner gets a pair of Lily Allen Nike IDs.

2. If you live anywhere else but still want to have a go at remixing LDN, download these tracks (256 megs – you have to right-click and choose “Save link as”) and send your remix to us and we’ll post them instead. You better send it to them as well, just in case.


Aug 30 2006


A 5-song sample of the upcoming The Rapture album “Pieces of the people we love” just dropped and the hype is on. You can still hear some of the old Rapture but they have progressed and we got a sneaky feeling that this album’s gonna be killer. There’s also a few remixes of the song “Get myself into it” that’s floating around (Thanks to The rich girls are weeping and Disco-not-disco). The album will drop sometime next month, be sure to grab it!

The Rapture – 5 song sampler (zShare)

The Rapture – Get myself into it (Serge Santiago UK re-edit) (zShare)

The Rapture – Get myself into it (Prince Language disco edit) (zShare)