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Aug 18 2006


Our friends in Rawdeluxeshit (we’ve mentioned them before, they could very well be the tightest dj duo in southern Sweden) have been a bit quiet lately, but maybe the summer does that to you.

Anyway, they’re back with a great new remix. The new single “100 spänn” from swedish rappers Fattaru over that new Lady Sovereign song “Love me or hate me”. As a bonus we give you two of their other blazing remixes, Young Dros banger “Shoulder Lean” vs. Lo-Fi-Fnk and, to top it all off, the king of hyphy E 40 vs. David Bowie. Get em while they’re hot!

Fattaru vs. Lady Sovereign (RDS remix) (zShare)

Young Dro vs. Lo-Fi-Fnk (RDS remix) (zShare)

E 40 vs. David Bowie (RDS remix) (zShare)