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Mixin’ it up: DJ Ayres

Aug 25 2006

ayres250.jpgWe’re back. No screaming or shouting, it’s just time to get the mixseries up and running again. And how could we possible start off any other way than last time? And on his way to Europe again as well. Welcome back, DJ Ayres.

What’s new for this season is that we can’t host the mixes ourselves unfortunately. Our bandwidth just can’t take the heat so feel free to re-up, host yourselves, or what ever you want to do as long as people get hold of the mix. The only thing we ask is that you send a link back to us. Thanks. Now, let’s let DJ Ayres do the talking:

“We wanted to do a full on Rub mix for Discobelle but DJ Eleven has been on tour all summer, Cosmo Baker has his own Discobelle mix he is working on, and I’ve been making so many party mixes lately that I needed a break from hardcore hip-hop and club stuff.

So without knowing where I was going I just started with my favorite “soft” track from this year (which happens to have been produced by my friend Morgan Geist) and followed the mix where it took me. I’m always buying records that I find beautiful but end up being too deep to play out.

“Most of All” is one of those – just a great new-wavey pop song that I love and have been wanting to put on something since I got it. Nick Chacona is also an old friend and along with Gabe “Kest” Banner, the first person who booked me to DJ in New York when I moved here eight years ago.

Nick has been making weird, great house music with guitars (I’m not really sure there is a genre that encapsulates what he does) for Bear Funk and a bunch of other labels and “Oh Snap” is one of his new tracks. Roy Dank, yet another old friend, has got a new series of records called “Wurst Edits” coming out any day now. My favorite is “In For The Kill.” It’s not really house, not really disco but it makes me feel a certain way.

“Vision to Vision” and “Back to the Raw” are records that Alison at Turntablelab hipped me to. I have no idea where I got “Scratch Up The Music” but I like it a lot. Fairmont “Mansfield” is a minimal techno record from when Temple Records was still around in the East Village (shout out to Evan Hecht and Mike Plexus!).

For some reason I mixed in Debonair Samir’s whisper song, “I Just Wanna Fuck.” Tittsworth and I are doing a CD of straight ahead baltimore club and we had to keep ourselves from putting on too much Debonair Samir – he’s really the king right now. Dave Taylor aka Switch has been in NYC for like a month recording, and I finally got a chance to kick it with him and Graeme Sinden (what up my dude!) the day I made this CD. There is something about Switch/Solid Groove shit that makes it go with everything! Then finally my people, Dave and P-Thug with the song that makes me feel like a heartbroken teenager, “Mercury Tears.”

Note: you will not hear any of this music on The Rub European Tour! This is strictly 5 AM comedown after a night at the club. Or Intimate House, whichever you prefer. Enjoy.”

1. Morgan Geist featuring Jeremy Greenspan – Most Of All
2. Nick Chacona – Oh Snap
3. My Cousin Roy – In For The Kill (Wurst Edit)
4. Audiomontage – Vision to Vision
5. Kerri Chandler – Back to the Raw
6. Herve and Trevor Loveys – Scratch Up The Music
7. Fairmont – Mansfield
8. Debonair Samir – I Just Wanna Fuck
9. Switch – Just Bounce To This
10. Chromeo – Mercury Tears

Download DJ Ayres Intimate House here! (zShare) REEEEEEUPED!