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Mixin’ it up: Cosmo Baker

Sep 8 2006

Next up in our mixseries is Cosmo Baker.

Yes, we’re staying on The
-theme this week too, and Cosmo is a first for us. Give it up for Cosmo.

“I started off with the Fort Knox Five guys because I’ve always thought their work is super tough at times. They can be amazingly clean and they have a really rich and funky production sound. And they’re from Washington DC which is only a couple hours south from where I grew up in Philadelphia.

With the song by Noisy, well first of all I’m a huge Prince fan, with the original song Controversy being one of my favorites. I really like the way that they took the original and flipped it their own way without losing a lot of the important elements from the original, as well as never trying to be anything else than what they were.

I met Dego of 4 Hero about 10 years ago when I used to spin a residency with King Britt, way back in the day. It was then when I first started seeing what a lot of those dudes were doing with what would eventually be the broken beat and new jazz movement. I always found it intriguing because, being a student of history, one can draw a direct correlation between what those UK cats were doing and what older generations were doing with experimentation. Unfortunately not a lot of that stuff nowadays is any good. This however is very funky.

I bought this record for the Herve and Switch mix on the flipside, but I mistakenly played this one instead, liked it, and decided to keep it.

My man The Pase Rock has been telling me for months “Yo Cos you gotta check this dude DJ Mehdi. He’s out of control. When I finally saw one of his records in the store, not only was it featuring a friend of mine – Dave from Chromeo, but it was also remixed by Kenny Dope. You can’t really go wrong with that.

Naeem is my dude. We’ve known each other for a long time, and I’ll do anything to support my dude. I would support the dude if he WASN’T GOOD, but the music he makes is so dope. Dude is killing the game right now, brining hip-hop into the 21st Century in a proper manner. This mix was done by a young producer from Vancouver named U-Turn that I’ve met in my Canadian travels. Dude is seriously good. Expect a lot from him in 2007 and so on.

I just got this record. I know nothing about it except that the drums are Ridiculous.

Another crew that I’ve met in my Canadian travels are the Smalltown DJs (Pete and Mike) from Calgary. They basically run that town, between owning a club, several retail stores, a record label, aside from being dope DJs and recording artists in their own right. We’ve formed a bit of an alliance between them and The Rub and we’re going to be touring together in November.

Years ago I used to be fully involved with the house music scene. It would be like half the week I would be spinning underground hip-hop in the clubs, the other half I was like a really popular DJ at a lot of gay clubs. I’ve always been able to flip it and just be versatile in how I play, allowing me to mix different genres and introduce foreign sounds to my sets and whatnot. Anyway, I really love that kind of cheesy big room sounding house. It’s like cotton candy. This is done really well, really tasteful. It knocks heavily. I edited it because of the time of the mix, but there’s a huge breakdown that comes later on in the song, after the FIRST huge buildup.

This song is really sexy, plus I have to represent for Brooklyn with DFA.

DJ Day is a great friend of mine and an amazing talent. He gave me this last year. I don’t know what he did with it, but I have been blazing the demo version have.

I always like to end my sets with something very organic or very spiritual or something, kind of poignant but not necessarily in a sad way. I just got this record and I don’t know who made it but it’s a remix of one of my all time favorite Marvin Gaye records, “Funky Space Incarnation.” The original is from his “Here My Dear” masterpiece, an album he had to create as part of his divorce settlement from Berry Gordy’s sister. Anyway, even though I played this one a little fast, I totally see this at 5 AM with the lights dim and people just FEELING IT.”

01: Fort Knox Five “Dodge City Rockers”
02: Noisy “Controversy”
03: Bugz In The Attic “Sow Into U” Roisin White Label Remix
04: Herve “What You Need The Most”
05: DJ Mehdi “I Am Somebody” Kenny Dope Dub
06: Spank Rock “Top Billin” U-Turn Electro Boogie Remix
07: Kool DJ Dust “On & Poppin'”
08: Smalltown DJs “My Body’s Waking Up”
09: Till West & DJ Delicious “Same Man” James Dean Remix
10: Goldfrapp “Slide In” DFA Remix
11: DJ Day “The Bigger Beat” Demo Version
12: ??? “Funky Space

Download Cosmo Baker’s Discobelle mix here (yousendit)

Download Cosmo Baker’s Discobelle mix here (rapidshare)

10 thoughts on “Mixin’ it up: Cosmo Baker

  1. cHUCk dA fONk

    Er, my teeth are all ready cut on this slab o’ funk within 30 seconds of playing and then a Prince script flipper! Wooooosh …

    Y’all Internets take funk so goddamn lightly – like it’s just there always for the taking.

    No matter – it’s okay – get it while it’s hot – but I have to say 2004, 2005, 2006, and on and on y’all keep building on it, and you don’t realize that pre net net, we had to struggle to cop this, fight at every turn to earpeep, jam, get some funk on the mix, sneakin cassettes out the back door, pissin’ off grandmas, sneakin’ out to the Spectrum to get to Prince shows, headin’ into the Chestnut Cabaret at 16 to see Bootsy, now it’s just so easy, like easy, to cop some funk and also EN VOGUE to like it, and dig it too.

    But in all seriousness — Cos, Discobelle, I take it with much weight, much respect, no foolin’ — it’s crucial and it has me on a natural high – natural – I look to the heavens, do a yoga pose, get on my knees, do a split and say.


    Your boy fONk

  2. Grimace

    Pop!! Always rocking Cosmo…….My Body’s Waking Up!!

  3. 613

    Anyone mind posting a link to this? YSI and RapidShare have expired.


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