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Mixin’ it up: 1 Lowe

Sep 15 2006


Next up in our mix series, from Sweden, 1 Lowe! Enjoy!

“1 Lowe from Revolooser fame, brings one hot ass mixxx, yeah that’s triple for ya ass!

You Must Learn – BDP
One of my favorite KRS ONE tracks, the beat is so sweet!

This dude is probably huge in France, he makes really nice beats + he knows Vince from La Haine. Biggie drops in for a verse! Nasty! Yo!

Unfinished Symphaty – Massive Attack
This is just a classic track, One of the best videos too. They did some nice videos in the 90’s! I like big tunes!

Why Wouldn’t I – Beanie Sigel
New Benny Fiskmås track, after he got shot! Nice with a kinda fast ol school vibe. More hip hop songs should have this tempo nowadays…

Set It Off – Strafe
Hut one, hut two! This song is going to get played if you’re at a club when Kool DJ Dust is playin, he’s nice on the ones and twoooos!

I Am Somebody (Paris Version) – DJ Mehdi Ft. Chromeo
French dude again! Featuring those guys with needy girlfriends.

Car Man – Vybz Kartel
Lu Lu Lu – Busy Signal

Two kinda old dancehall tracks… I mean new dancehall tracks is droppin like every second but i really like these two! My friend Crasy Ivan is kinda funny when it comes to dancehall. He can´t listen to RnB, Rock, 80’s etc. but if a dancehall artist use RnB beats, or for an example 80’s samples its okay! Haha Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel and Assassin run this shit right now!

My Love – J.T. feat. T.I.
Atlantic Records, T.I. Clearance – Cousin Cole
I Really can’t stand JT but this beat is soooooo sick! Timbo is a genius! I Skipped alot of JT and started off with just T.I.s verse. I really like T.I. but i hate when rappers can’t rap live! Whats up with that?

Clear – Cybotron
Had to throw that in right there!

Ryda Girl – D.O.G feat. K Swift
My Ryyyyydaaaaaaaaaaa Girl! This is kinda, in one ear and out the other, exactly how i like it!

Ownsuply – Revolooser
This is a edit i did with Revolooser of a classic N.W.A song, Dopeman. Numbero uno! Don’t get high on your own suply!

Tell Me When To Go Remix – Catchdubs & DJ Ayres
Go Stupid, öhh Okay!

AFreak – aLOWEthing (Rough Edit)
This is straight rawness. Havin fun with the freakin you acapella, i think DJ Assault did something on this too, but this is something else…

Big Diamond Rings – Jon B
This is a interesting song from Norrlands producenten Jon B. I had the pleasure to see one of his gigs this summer and it was one of the best shows i have ever seen! Jon B Looks like a punkrocker? but plays the hardest techno/ghettotech/lovesongs! There’s no more BASS! Do you want more BASS!

Pushmeinternal – Revolooser
Another Revolooser track! This is a edit of Spank Rocks “Put that pussy on me” dub Style! This was born when Revolooser played live at the infamous “Svanö festivalen” it went really well with the scenery.

Put Ya Leg Up – Diamond K
Do it Do it! Put ya put ya Leg up… Like this?

La Da Dee – DJ Ayres
Ayres played in stockholm a while ago. My friend is a big Bootcamp fan, so he asked if maybe Ayres could play something from Sean price’s fantastic album “Monkey Bars”, but Ayres just looked at him and said “No one listens to that shit no more, that’s like ten years ago”

MysteryJetsRemix… – Tapedeck
Found this on myspace and i really liked it! What’s up with myspace anyway? That shit is outta control! In a good way…

Yo Relatives – DJ Assault
Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay… This is like bira, bira, bira music! VH soccer dudes would love this shit!

Googly Moogly – Project Pat
That thang is juicy! WTF? Ha ha Projekt Patrik is a googly moogly dude!

Push It – Rick Ross
I loved Hustlin! But I think Rick Ross got a little too hyped and I really didn’t feel some of the tracks I’ve heard from the album, definitively good, but not mind blowin, until this, I love it! Push it real good!

Wish I had the time to write some more but I gotta pay some bills!

1 Lowe – Mixxx for Discobelle.net (YSI)

1 Lowe – Mixxx for Discobelle.net (Rapidshare)