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Mixin’ it up: Steven Bloodbath

Sep 29 2006

In our latest installment of the mix series, we proudly present the best thing to come out of Philadelphia since the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich: Steven Bloodbath! Now onto the action:

“Ok… So Here it is…. “Cash, Cars, Clothes” my little mix for Discobelle.net….

Had a lot of fun with this… It’s a little bleep-y but whatevs… I am CONSTANTLY taking Acieeed and melting time into color.

1. INTR0:
The One and Only Nuge from Double Live Gonzo… I Saw Ted Nugent Like 2 years ago It was soul shattering…Every +40 racist asshole from Delaware crammed into The Trocadero… His Stage set included M-60 machine guns and that weird Army netting that was like EVERYWHERE in M.A.S.H. so cool… He Closed His Set with “Stranglehold” and while the rhythm section was still playing he grabbed an all white M-16, and an All white Compound Bow…. Held them over his head like a well armed Rocky and proclaimed to the crowd: “This is MY America…. and Let them TRY and Take it….” (UPROARIOUS APPLAUSE) get into it.

2. Soulwax “Krack”

I Also Took elements of “renegades of Funk” and Some AV8 Acapella to make it the littlest bit “urban”. The night I finished this mix Dave P ( a mensh) Brought Soulwax to Philly and I got to hear them play this… It was Totally…

3. Big Daddy Kane “Warm It Up Kane”
This is a Hip Hop Song I like…. hip Hop was a kind of party music that sampled really good music from the Seventies and had talented MC’s “rapping” over it….. It’s a early predecessor to “snap” music.

4. The Rapture “Get Myself Into It”
I feel like people are hating on the Rapture these days… This song is great…

5. The Jets “Crush On You”
Amazing pop song for my $$$$$ Plus I shamelessly used it to bridge into…

6. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke “Intro”
I fucking live for this song…. I had this record in like 2000…2001 maybe… It’s great I can play this again.. Those dudes are super talented (see that “Bossy” remix) and this track shows their longevity… 6 years of future-disco sensuality.

7. Fedde Le Grande “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”
Ho my Gawd… This Song is so little while being Sooo Big….. I Can’t get enough. I’m moving to Amsterdam to become a Techno DJ…… (What’s up with your couch Robin?)

8. Modeselektor “Kill Bill Vol 4.”
These guys are great too… They got such a range. There’s one song they did either with TTC or sampling them that is crazy as well…

Note: At This point in the mix I am Running around my room with Lazer Numchucks inventing 3 new dances and a fighting style…..and a dance that incorporates that fighting style….

9. Dangerous Dan Vs. Nicky Van She “Around The World in 5:07” / Rick Ross “Hustlin”
My favorite is when I do this out people come up to me and are like ….Did you Make that??? to wit i respond “Yes… Just Now…. With 2 Records…. It’s called Djing, Look it up on Wikipedia”.

10. Simian Moblie Disco “Tits and Acid”
NOTE FROM RANDOM GIRL IN STEVEN BLOODBATHS HOUSE: “Steven is in a serious K Hole right now, and can offer nothing interesting about this amazing RAVE GEM”.

11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Cheated Hearts (Steven Bloodbath Remix)
I made this remix using only sounds from my mouth and by contact mikeing animals of varying sizes.

12. Myrmidons “Clap (See The Stars)
Honestly My FAVORITE new song right now… It’s Like Kim Deal Making a Dance Song with Phil Spector and A 909. I Sweat these guys ….. Tough.”

Download Steven Bloodbath – Cash, cars, clothes mix here! (zShare)