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Sep 30 2006

New Clipse track (courtesy of Benzi), over that Jim Jones “We fly high” beat. Clipse keeps on dropping hot tracks but it looks like we’ll have to wait until sometime in december for their new album “Hell hath no fury”. Here’s what they had to say about Jive Records and all the delays regarding their album in an interview done by Rolling Stone Magazine:

“I hate Jive. I hate them motherfuckers. With all my heart and all the passion and my soul I hate these bitches. It’s about the lynching of every staff member up in this motherfucker…You could ask anyone in here to give you a marketing plan on Clipse and they could never do it. It’s like damn, ‘What do you understand about hip-hop? You ain’t had nobody since Spice 1! You don’t know the fucking formula. Everybody in here’s like 50 years old! Just drop us. Leave us the fuck alone so we can go where there’s plenty of people like Clipse.”

Clipse – We fly high (Benzi refix) (zShare)