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Mixin’ it up: NuSole

Oct 13 2006


Mixin’ it up is back! NuSole have been serving us good mixes for a while, so it was about time that they made us an exclusive. A bit different, but I think you’ll like it. As it’s Friday we’ve got a bonus mix for you as well – but we’ll post that later on today.

Take it away NuSole!

1. The Alan Parson Project – I Robot
Great intro and a good song. Just gotta love when the drums kick in kinda backbeat.

2. Alphaville – Big in Japan (instrumental extended version)
Who doesn´t wanna be big in japan? Found this record on a roadtrip in northern Sweden…

3. Michael McDonald – Love Lies
One of the greatest. Love Lies. True that.

4. Prins Thomas – Is it big enough
Another great tune from Norway. Thomas got a reserverd table and a bottle of Champagne in our recordbag.

5. Tangerine Dream – Choronzon
Wonderful tune. Like a soundtrack to a just reciveing your latest Ebay order.

6. Ian Dury – Spasticus (Autisticus)
The two NuSole guys, the good & the evil twin, are both fuckin’ Spasticus Autisiticus. Live to work, Work to live, is some kind of mantra…we discuss whether we are truly retarded every single day…

7. Mauro Scocco – Sarah (NuSole RMX)
Time to catch up on the interlude…This is our own version of a song from our childhood. Good and bad memories.

8. Studio R – Clapz (Trickski ReMix)
We love those trickski-guys! Every new Trickski song or remix has got a new sound and it´s allways in a class of their own.

9. Phil Collins – Sussudio (12″ Mix)
12″-mix. A wonderful thing. Like taking the favourite thing out of a dinner & eat shitloads of just that one thing…

10. Kenny Loggins – I Gotta Try
Wait. Just wait. Soon you will understand.

11. Clausell – Don´t let it be crack (long version)
Crack is back. Trust Aaron.

12. E40 – U & Dat (Aaron LaCrate Mix)
Good song in a great version. ”zippin zippin, walk up in the club with a limpin´”. Honestly I relly can´t see what´s so cool with walking like you have some male genitalies up your ass?

13. Fibes Oh Fibes! – Get Up! (NuSole RMX)
New NuSole remix of the best taxi-driver band ever.

14. Alexander Robotnik – La Folie
I don’t know. Guess we wanted a track with a french guy talking shit over a beat. Makes your mixtape more special. It’s like having a midget in your crew. It’s retarded, but it tells everyone around you. “I do not care about anything but the inside. It’s like in 8:th grade when you starts picking on the geeky girl in your class because she has glasses, and realizes that she’s actually humpable. It’s like that with Alexander Robotnik.

15. MusicMusicMusic – September (NuSole Edit)
Because Jazz is a Spirit & an attitude towards music, not a sound. We get pissed of when a kid with a Sequencer & a BlueNote record samples a saxophone & calls it jazz. Fuck all that…
Amazing version of classic tune September by our boys MusicMusicMusic. Sorry Fabbe for cutting your amazing solo.

NuSole for Discobelle.net (zShare)