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Trentemöller essential mix

Oct 20 2006

It’s friday and although there’s not a new mix in our exclusive Mixin’ it up series (we gave you two last week), we can provide you with another banging mix.

We brought you a dub of “Wicked game” by Trentemöller the other day. Now some kind person over at the Fathertronix forum threw this excellent mix from Trentemöller our way, in our opinion he is one of the top producers in the world right now (Ah, that dj-set at The Rumble this spring was ace). Anyway, this is mad hot so you should bump it all weekend.

Trentem̦ller РEssential mix (160 MB)


Trentemoller ‘Small Piano Piece’
Khan ‘Fantomes’
Trentemoller ‘The Very Last Resort’
Trentemoller ‘Miss You’
Lhasa De Sela ‘De Carla A Pered’
Murcof ‘Una’
Trentemoller ‘Snowflake’
Unknown Artist ‘Unknown Dub’
Trentemoller ‘Evil Dub’
The Specials ‘Ghost Town’
Chris Isak ‘Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake)’
Trentemoller ‘Nightwalker’
Trentemoller Feat. Ane Trolle ‘Moan (Trentemoller Remix)’
The Doors ‘Break On Through (Disse Bootleg)’
Franz Ferdinand ‘The Fallen (Justice Remix)’
Le Tigre ‘Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)’
James White And The Blacks ‘Contort Yourself’
Revl9n ‘Someone Like You’
Thomas Schumacher ‘High On You’
Moby ‘Go! (Trentemoller Remix)’
The Knife ‘Silent Shout (Trente Short Edit)’
Jokke ‘Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix)’
Isolee ‘Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Five Remix/Trente Edit/Original Version)’
Trentemoller ‘Always Something Better Feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix)’
The Knife ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’ (Trentemoller Remix)’