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Nov 3 2006

This is Robyn. This is her new EP “The Rakamonie E.P.” that drops on November 20th in the UK. These are the tracks: the hit song from her last album – “Be mine” – but in a ballad version, a cover of the Teddybears hit “Cobrastyle”, a duet she did with Jenny Wilson, a Prince cover + one more track. The track that we’re posting is actually not on the EP but it’s brand spankin’ new and it’s pretty sweet.

Robyn – With every heartbeat (YSI)

Robyn – With every heartbeat (zShare)

11 thoughts on “Robyn

  1. Axel

    Actually that “Cobrastyle” you´re talking about is called “Girliestyle” when Robyn performs it. And it´s not a Teddyberas cover, it´s a cover of (Mad) Cobras “Cobrastyle”.

  2. Saywhat

    Nice! I think I heard this track being played in Sthlm this summer or early autumn. In Kungsträdgården somewhere. I really spent some time looking for it, got all her recent collabos, but nothing sounded anything like it..

  3. dayna

    I love Robyn!

    KonichawaBitches was a wicked tune.

    Stoked to hear there’s a new EP on the way…

  4. jonas

    The video for this track is just being edited and it not a Robyn-track. Just her voice. Head down to Kungsholmen (the bar) in Stockholm every saturday night to hear it…

  5. j

    robyn has long been over looked internationally ands is equiped to deal with it

  6. Edward

    The track on the e.p. is titled “Cobrastyle” and is a different mix (but not drastically so) from the “Girliestyle” one which I think appeared on a movie soundtrack first.

    The ballad mix of Be Mine! on the new EP is excellent – and you can see her sing it live if you search on youtube..


  7. anna

    does anyone have the mp3 with the ballad version of be mine? it’s impossible to find here in sweden.

  8. Blade

    theres 2 albums it seems, a UK one, and another, maybe international.i have both… and konichiwa bitches is quite the tune.
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