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Nov 3 2006

This is Robyn. This is her new EP “The Rakamonie E.P.” that drops on November 20th in the UK. These are the tracks: the hit song from her last album – “Be mine” – but in a ballad version, a cover of the Teddybears hit “Cobrastyle”, a duet she did with Jenny Wilson, a Prince cover + one more track. The track that we’re posting is actually not on the EP but it’s brand spankin’ new and it’s pretty sweet.

Robyn – With every heartbeat (YSI)

Robyn – With every heartbeat (zShare)

  • http://sluttyfringe.wordpress.com/ slutty fringe

    thats quite a fringe!

  • Axel

    Actually that “Cobrastyle” you´re talking about is called “Girliestyle” when Robyn performs it. And it´s not a Teddyberas cover, it´s a cover of (Mad) Cobras “Cobrastyle”.

  • http://djmonstermo.blogspot.com/ DJMonsterMo

    Great blog. Your musical taste rocks my socks.

  • http://www.discobelle.net Martin

    Axel: Teddybears and Mad Cobra did a version together so that’s why i wrote Teddybears.

  • Saywhat

    Nice! I think I heard this track being played in Sthlm this summer or early autumn. In Kungsträdgården somewhere. I really spent some time looking for it, got all her recent collabos, but nothing sounded anything like it..

  • dayna

    I love Robyn!

    KonichawaBitches was a wicked tune.

    Stoked to hear there’s a new EP on the way…

  • jonas

    The video for this track is just being edited and it not a Robyn-track. Just her voice. Head down to Kungsholmen (the bar) in Stockholm every saturday night to hear it…

  • http://www.myspace.com/tacktacktack j

    robyn has long been over looked internationally ands is equiped to deal with it

  • http://www.comfortableshoe.co.uk Edward

    The track on the e.p. is titled “Cobrastyle” and is a different mix (but not drastically so) from the “Girliestyle” one which I think appeared on a movie soundtrack first.

    The ballad mix of Be Mine! on the new EP is excellent – and you can see her sing it live if you search on youtube..


  • anna

    does anyone have the mp3 with the ballad version of be mine? it’s impossible to find here in sweden.

  • Blade

    theres 2 albums it seems, a UK one, and another, maybe international.i have both… and konichiwa bitches is quite the tune.
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