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Mixin’ it up: LLCOOLDJ

Nov 10 2006

This time we go to San Francisco for the latest installment of the mix series. Why not let LLCOOLDJ do the talking?

“yo heres the mix. i suppose we can call it the electro-blap rap show.
various electronic beats laced with violent rap music from the bay
area and beyond.

spac hand luke – dynocock / 50 cent – just a lil bit (ll cold beer mix)
-threw this one together just for yall. this is luke vibert as ‘spac
hand luke.’ supposedly its his dubstep/grime moniker.. there are some
decent tracks on there… and then right at the end you’ve got this

dj shadow feat the federation & animaniacs – turf dancing
-the federation always manage to swoop up the hardest beats, and this
one is definitely no exception.. pow!

j dilla – stepson of the clapper / notorious b.i.g. – dying to live
(ll dead heroes mix)
-one of my 25 favorite cuts from donuts… the biggie accapella comes
from a pretty weak original track, but now we’ve got it teamed up with
dilla so there you go. this is also my official ‘test acapella’ to
drop over new beats just to make sure they knock right.

j.rocc – dirty fingered b-boy edit
-this track appears for just a quick second there.. dont miss it!

clipse – where you been
-seriously. when can i can get the bad words version.

dabrye – smoking the edge
-good one to mix with your gangster rap to keep things electonic.

mistah fab – super sic wid it
-E-40’s verse on this track is the best part… fucking hilarious but
was cut for time purposes. bummer.

motion man – dat ass
-motion is of my favorite rappers of all time. i agree with the
subject matter on this track.

vyle – lane transfer
-all im sayin is look out for this guy Vile… his shit is on point!

dwight trible – waves infinite harmony
-dwight trible is a jazz vocalist from LA… and word on the streets
is that madlib, daedelus, and carlos niño all have something to do
with this track. you only get a taste of it here, but i suggest to go
find the whole thing.

tell backyard betty when to go (ll obvious mix)
-you know them both so well. i made this mix up in my head in line at amoeba.

traxxamillion feat. too short & mistah fab – sideshow
-the sideshow they wanna shut us down!

kraftwerk – trans-europe expess/busta – light yo ass on fire/mobb deep
– got it twisted (ll garage sale mix)
-every year on tiffany street the whole block has a garage sale on the
same weekend. thats where the kraftwerk record came from… busta is
also rumored to get down with the garage sales from time to time.

frontline – take that

-these bay area people go nuts over this shit. i like it a lot too so
everyones happy.

miss elliot – pass that dutch
-couple months back i was skateboarding home holding a crate of
records. i hit a piece of wood on the sidewalk and suddenly the crate
is no longer in my hands.. all i remember is this missy record doing
the dummy retarded down the sidewalk with no sleeve. hey it still
works tho.

busy p – chop suey
-ed banger captain drops the heat! i like to play it much slower than
it is supposed to be played at for some reason.

federation – 18 dummy
-and again! you all know this track too. oops edited version!

sebastian – H.A.J.
-holy smokes! this one is also playing way slow but listen to that bass homie.

cex – just don’t bite it
-from that tigerbeat6 record wit all the NWA remixes. definitely
something you can not get away with playing at the club.

hope yall enjoy this shit.. give a holler or leave me nasty comments
at myspace.com/llcooldj and also check out what a good friend and I
like to call LAZER SWORD —> myspace.com/lazersword.”

Download LLCOOLDJ – Discobelle mix zshare