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Uffie of course

Nov 10 2006

Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch Uffie & Feadz last week at The Rumble here in Malmö due to Uffie coming down with tonsillitis (we still had a great time with both Sinden and Pandemonium Jones absolutely killing it). But when we found these two edits of her latest single “Hot chick” (which we’ve posted here) we were able to dance around the office instead. You should grab them and do the same.

Uffie – Hot chick (Feadz edit) (YSI)

Uffie – Hot chick (Feadz edit) (zShare)

Uffie – Hot chick (Bonus beat) (YSI)

Uffie – Hot chick (Bonus beat) (zShare) REUPPED!