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Nov 29 2006

The Digitalism track “Jupiter room” gets another remix treatment, this time it’s Erol Alkan’s turn to do his magic and he makes this into what could seriously be one of the best things that i’ve heard in quite some time. This track is a pure electrobanger with a steady beat throughout, but just wait for that break around the 3:00 mark and then again around the 6:00 mark. This should drop like a bomb on dancefloors. (Discobelle + Clitspit = true)

Digitalism – Jupiter Room (Erol Alkan’s simple, yet effective re-edit) (YSI)

Digitalism – Jupiter Room (Erol Alkan’s simple, yet effective re-edit) (zShare)

19 thoughts on “Bomb

  1. Poo Juice

    I love it. Didn’t like his Justice remix that everyone went nuts over, but this is, indeed, the “bomb”.

  2. hmmm

    what the fuck? am i missing something? this sounds exactly like the original.

  3. dactylo

    hey martin
    i meant
    bookmark my blog & check it you could grab some tracks there
    it’s really really new but it’s gonna be awesome
    i really love yours
    do you have a mail or at least myspace?

  4. erol alkan

    ok ok its made it to a blog already –
    for everybodys attention, the full title of this track is
    jupiter room (erol alkan’s simple, yet effective re-edit)
    yep, your right, it isnt a change from the original, but then again, i only made it for my dj sets and is coming out on kitsune in the form of a small limited run, so there shouldnt be too much focus on my edit as such.
    original is massive, i just doubled the best bit up.

  5. elchurro

    Ok, good. I’m not the only one who thought that this sounded exactly like the original. Why’s everyone going crazy over this? I mean, dont get me wrong, I love the track. But, what’s so different about this erol edit from the original? It’s the same track. Maybe I’m just missing something here…

  6. erol alkan

    and ps i was never commisioned to do this edit, i just made it off my own back, and the guys wanted to put it out – it was never soposed to get much attention from people disecting it, its simply disco science.
    ive just remixed the klaxons and spent 3 days playing a grand piano – hope it balances out against this mix ;-)

    e x

  7. keybumps

    this is why I check discobelle every day. More 320 kbps mb3’s as well!!

    hey erol!!

  8. Le Fit

    YES! Finally! Been looking for this one for a couple of months….
    Great work Erol!

  9. DJ Gigolo Knight

    i love grand pianos, here’s to hoping that, erol, you bring the world back to a return of piano house. with all this squelchiness happening in tunes we’re all in deffo need of some light hearted ivory tickling. :)

  10. elchurro

    Got it. This is an amazing tune altogether. Erol, we need you out here in Cali!! Make a stop soon, man. LA needs to get shaken up a bit.

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