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X-mas 2: High Powered Boys

Dec 2 2006

2006 was the year when the new breed of french dance music truly conquered the world. The hipper than thou Parisians started it all and hipsters all over the world have embraced this new sound which has it’s roots in the older french house scene. Although it seems like almost all the new artists grew up listening to more hip hop etc. which is reflected in their music. We over here at Discobelle have done our fair share by posting quite alot of tracks by the french electro mafia ie stuff from the folks over at Ed Banger, Institubes, Kitsuné etc etc.

This track by the High Powered Boys (a group that consists of whiz kids Surkin and Bobmo) was made for the clubs and i’ve personally dropped it numerous times when i’ve dj’ed and it always gets people dancing. An infectious beat along with the repetetive vocals that urges the listener to “get down” makes this impossible to resist.

High Powered Boys – Hoes get down (YSI)

High Powered Boys – Hoes get down (zShare)