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Xmas 9: Lo-Fi-Fnk vs Young Dro (RDS Remix)

Dec 9 2006

Simply mixing two good tracks together to create a third may seem to be an easy way of creating music. This is not the case of course, and the amount mashups that suck should be evidence enough for anyone doubting that. The challenge is in finding two tracks that don´t really fit together, and then turn them into something new and interesting. And our Christmas calendar track of the day does just this.

Rawdeluxeshit is a Malmö based DJ collective that consistently have delivered freshness during 2006. Just the thought of laying Young Dro over Lo-Fi-Fnk is worth a mention, but as the track became a dance floor filler at Swedish clubs this year it definitely deserved to be on this list as well.

Lo-Fi-Fnk vs Young Dro (RDS Remix) (YSI)

Lo-Fi-Fnk vs Young Dro (RDS Remix) (zShare)