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X-mas 12: Nas & Jay-Z

Dec 12 2006

We so eagerly awaited the return of The King aka Jigga aka Shawn Carter and when the album dropped it was sort of lukewarm. On the other hand when this collabo track between the two NYC greats Nas and Jigga leaked, they showed us all what it’s really supposed to be like. This is hot, from the opening line “I know you can feel the magic, baby” accompanied by those strings, that marching beat and the cheering crowd way in the background, you just know that this is gonna be a stand out track. Both of them spit some sick lines and to connect back to the opening line, we sure can feel the magic.

Nas & Jay-Z – Black republican (album version) (YSI)

Nas & Jay-Z – Black republican (album version (zShare)