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Mixin’ it up: Motion 44

Dec 15 2006

Our friends in Motion 44 does this part of the Mixin’ it up series. Give it up for Motion 44:

“As Motion 44 we have made music for the dancefloors during the last two years. (to check some old remixes, including our mixes of Daft Punk, Robyn and Le Sport visit myspace.com/motion44)

But we felt that sitting at home and making music was not enough. We wanted to head out on the roads to share our sidechainbass vision with other people. So we recruited Eric Schüldt, the man who used to run Kilotin, our favourite club of all time, and one of our favourite dj’s, to the group to help us. This mix for the mighty Discobelle is a taste of our combined vision. Or just a partymix for the weekend.

The songs on the music to music mixtape:

1. Intro

Our vision:
Turn back to the roots. Go down into the underground. Into the deep. Back to the days when house was house, garage was garage and deep was really deep. To turn back to Stefan Thungrens deep sunken soulful Atlantis.

That is what we aim to do – but – exactly the opposite.

This is music to music.

2. Ben Delay – Clubmusic is dead

You listen to Hipstertechno and Oddsterelectro. You say that clubmusic is dead. It’s not. You listen to Minimal and say that music is too hard these days. It’s not. It’s only stronger than ever before. Ben Delay, in his lovely german accent, put words to our thougts to kickstart this mixtape.

3. Motion 44 feat. Calle Dernulf – Stol nr. 17

Just like the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania XX between Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Triple H was an instant classic – so is this. We took a quote from the permanent secretary of the Swedish academy, Horace Engdahl and let Swedens Pete Tong, the nicest man on Swedish radio, Calle Dernulf, read it. Then we put some Motion 44 beats underneath it all.

4. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Bud Peterson remix)

Our Myspace friend Bud Peterson takes Michaels original and jesusjuices it up with that ravey bass that we like so much.

5. Ferry Corsten – Are you ready

Our beloved Ferry. Don´t listen to DJ-Mag who say that there are greater dj:s than you on this planet. People fund secret societys in your name, and people like us cries to your songs. People may turn their backs on clubs who play your songs, like people went mad when Eric played your songs at Kilotin. But Ferry, our beloved Ferry, you will always be the greatest in our eyes.

6. Jaques Bauer – Abandon ship

Is this a tribute to the hardest working agent in TV history (Jack Bauer in 24) or is this just one of the most banging electrohouse tracks of the season?

7.Voodoo and Serano feat Zoe C. – Vulnerable (V and S vs. Choo Blahnik mix)

We could defend ourselves with intricate analyzes of class and music, or analyze the very essence of life. But it´s not necessary, because in a really large trancebreakdown you’ll find the answer to all of this.

8. Paolo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz remix) / The Streets – “Turn the page / Alan Parsons Project – Mammagamma / Michael Sembello – Automatic man

A real Ableton-smorgasboard. The recipe:

1. Include everything you like, In the end it´s all gonna be mixed in your belly.
2. What you need is a well cooked bassline to keep it all together. And basslines don´t come any better than out of the machines of Swedens finest, Eric Prydz.

9. DJ Delicious – Let it drop (Henrik B remix)

It´s tunes like this the term Megahouse was made for! Adeline, play this in your club Housewives and we’ll be there, (even if you don´t play it, we’ll be there). A big hit of 2006 and with all the Christmas and new years parties coming up we needed some tunes here that summarizes the year.

10. Darude – Music

As the title of the mixtape says: From music to music. A tune that sums up this mixtape very well. First some cheesy synths until the mad bass hits you like Hulk Hogans legdrop. Then you know it´s all over….1-2-3.


Motion 44 presents – The Music To Music mixtape for Discobelle (zShare)