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X-mas 22: Klaxons

Dec 22 2006

Christmas is upon us but we still have the top three tracks of the Discobelle christmas calender to post.

2006 was the year when dance music returned with a bang and the year when the term “nu-rave/neu rave” (sic) lived for a brief time. Although the term may suck, the music certainly doesn’t. This remix by Van She of the Klaxons track “Gravity’s rainbow” can only be described as massive. Just listen to those keyboards along with the bassline and handclaps, then when the guitars and the distorted voice singing “come with me, come with me” kicks in around the 1:30 mark watch it all go ballistic. This was one of the top electro bangers of 2006 and that’s why it’s included on the Discobelle christmas calender.

Klaxons – Gravity’s rainbow (Van She Tech SP remix) (YSI)

Klaxons – Gravity’s rainbow (Van She Tech SP remix) (zShare)