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Mixin’ it up: DJ Drastik

Jan 6 2007

We got a DMC champion doing Mixin’ it up this time (2004 DMC Canadian Supremacy Champion, 2004 DMC World Supremacy Semi Finalist, 2005 DMC Canadian Champion and 2006 DMC Canadian Team Champions (with The Stylusts). DJ Drastik is the founding member of The Stylusts Crew based out of Ottawa/Toronto Canada. Let’s get to it. We present DJ Drastik.

“This mix is one of the first i’ve done that hasn’t been straight Hip Hop, R n B or Dirty South. I wanted to do something different on this one and just show my love for different styles of music. It goes from being pretty dark to having a party feel, all the while keeping the flow. That’s what i was initially looking for, and i’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Here’s the play by play. Enjoy!

1. Air – Another Day

Air is a group that i’ve been feeling for a while now. They have a really
dark, yet mellow sound and this track definately reflects that. By far one of my fav’s from Air and i think, a good way to set off the mix. I added a little intro and some cuts as well.

2. Keisha Cole – Should have Cheated (B.Cause edit)

This is a B.Cause edit and i must say, one of my favorite remixes as of
late. The classic “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock is flipped and
transformed into an eerie, double time, R n B banger! Straight goods!

3. Kano – Signs in my life/ Luda- Roll Out (Drastik Blend)

This is one of my own blends. Grime and Dirty South just go hand in hand in my opinion and both these joints just flow really nice together.

4. Radiohead – Street Spirit/ Jay-Z – Jigga What Jigga Who (Drastik Blend)

i’m a huge Radiohead fan. How can you not be?! When The Bends first came out i kinda slept. But after hearing “Street Spirit”, among other amazing songs on the album, i quickly woke up hahaha! I’ve been wanting to do something with this one for a while and decided to blend it with this super spaced out Timbaland classic, I think it they work well together.

5. Cassie ft. Scorcher – Me n U (Brains Remix)

This is a remix of Cassie’s “Me n U” feat Scorcher from the UK. The joint was produced/remixed by Brains. He gives “Me n U” a completely different feel from the original by screwing it up and giving it some bounce. Definately hype!

6. Young Dro – Shoulder Lean (Starkey Fractured Elbow Mix)

Got this one courtesy of Call Me Mickey. Don’t know too much about Starkey other than he killed it with this one! It’s got that grime feel to it and like i said before, grime and dirty south just go together so well! There’s alot of “Shoulder Lean” remixes out there, but this one stands out for me.

7. Stanton Warriors Ft. The Beatnuts – Shake It Up

I first heard this tune via Mark Ronson on EVR and have been hooked eversince! Stanton Warriors always make great tunes and this synthy, uptempo joint is definately one of them. Hearing the Beatnuts on something like this is extremely refreshing too. Certified dancefloor mayhem in my opinion! I added some scratches in between the chorus’ for some extra flavor.

8. Vyle – Strobemouth (Drop The Lime Remix)

Vyle is seriously one talented cat. Im really enjoying his style alot
lately. This is a remix done by Drop The Lime. DTL is also another one of my favorites at the moment. His production skills are top notch and this remix is proof. Everytime i listen to this one i hear something new in it. Love joints like that!

9. Phono.o Ft. TinTin – Pimpin TinTin

This one is off the chain. I just love everything about it. Tintin’s flow,
the chops in the lyrics, rough bassline, the bongo’s…it’s all gravy!

10. Space Cowboy – Egyptian Lover (Loose Cannons Remix)

The original joint is just so insanely addictive, but so is this remix done
by Loose Cannons. At first, i planned to put the original on here, but
after hearing the way Loose Cannons flipped it, it was only right to put their remix instead.

11. Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Switch remix)

An already dope joint made even more dope. Everyone loves Switch and totally within reason. Dude has been killing it for years, wether it’s Solid Groove, A. Brucker, Count of Monte Cristal, Dave Taylor, whoever or whatever he’s rolling as, it’s always bonkers! This
one just sounds so obnoctious and “In your face” to me i almost laugh when i hear it. Just riduclous!

12. Debonair Samir – Samir’s Theme/ Missy – We Run This (Duke Durmont Remix) (Drastik Blend)

Samir’s Theme has been a favorite for many, myself included. I decided to blend it with the acapella to Duke Durmont’s remix of Missy’s “We Run This”. Both had the same flow and i think it worked out pretty nice.

13. Pase Rock – Lindsay lohan’s Revenge

Pase Rock is that dude! This track is seriously priceless! I love the fact
that people are up in the club getting buck to a song about Lindsay Lohan’s busted snatch! It’s just brillant!

14. Spankrock – Far Left (U-Tern Electro-Boogie Remix)

Not too much i can say about Spankrock that hasn’t already been said.
Straight party crack! And again, so many Spankrock remixes out there, but one stands out. U-tern (Vancity stand up!) killed it with this one, hot damn! Got that 80’s electro, b-boy feel and shit…this one bangs heavy

15. Kid Sister – Let Me Bang (Drastik Blend)

Kid Sister is straight killing it right now! I’ve been loving all the heat
from her lately…I decided to blend her joint “Let Me Bang” with Memphis Bleek’s “Is That Your Bitch?” and Ciara’s “Oh” to add some bounce to it.

16. Steed Lord – You (Killer Klever Remix)

I met Klever about 6 years ago in San Francisco at the ITF Finals. He was always a huge inspiration for me on the battle tip and now he’s doing the same with his remixes and mixtapes! This remix of Steed Lord’s “You” has that hot electro feel with a splash of some dirty dirty! I cut to the break at the end and put Trick Daddy’s “Shut up” over top. It just sounded really hype over that part, i had to throw it in there!

17. The Killers – Somebody Told Me / 8 Ball & MJG – Ridin’ High (Drastik Blend)

Gonna to have to make a proper remix, but for now i think it works lovely. Both songs have such intense melodies and really compliment each other well.

18. Three Six Mafia – Pussy Got You Hooked / Rick Ross Hustlin (Drastik Blend)

I try to listen to this at least once a day! The violins in this banger are
just off the chain and so inspirational! This beat always get me going!

19. Mike Jones Ft. Slim Thug – Still Tippin’ (Crate Savers Remix)

I like joints that when remixed have a completely different feel to them. I felt like bouncing or fighting someone to the original one, but this one just makes me wanna smile and dance! I don’t have a great sounding copy of this, but it has such a good feeling to it i had to put it on there!

20. DJ Ayres – Show Em / Roula – Lick it (Drastik Blend)

Ayre’s just completely murders it with this one flipping the new Jay single into a serious Bmore anthem! His work with those horns is absolutely ridiculous! I decided to cut it up a bit and ad Roula’s “Lick It” over top. I like how it works with the horns.

21. DJ Ayres – La Da Dee / Dazz Band – Let It Whip (Drastik Blend)

Another blend of mine over an Ayres remix. Ayres flipped the Crystal Waters’ house classic “Gypsy Woman” (which of course is the original to T.I’s “Why You Wanna”) into another Bmore dancefloor monster! I added the Dazz Band’s funky classic, “Let It Whip” over top, as well as a Rick Ross sample which tied in with the Dazz Band joint. I originally wanted to blend something with the Crystal Waters track, but this just worked so well over Ayres’ remix that i had to do it.

22. Scottie B & King Tutt – African Chant / Christina Aguilera – Aint No Other Man (Drastik Blend)

I never really planned on putting so many blends over Baltimore joints, it just sorta happened. Never less, i think they all worked, including this one i did with Scoitie B & King Tutt’s “African chant” and Christina Aguilera’s “Aint No Other Man”. I think both flow nice together.

23. DJ Mehdi ft. Fafi – Lucky Boy / The Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Drastik Blend)

I’ve been loving the whole Ed Banger catalog lately and i realized towards the end of the mix that i hadn’t put any of it on! That being said, i decided to wind down with Dj Medhi’s eerie joint “Lucky Boy” and shake it up a little with The Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc” over it.

So there you have it! It’s not something i really planned in great detail. I just started it and went with the flow, which in my opinion, is always a great formula. I think the best sounding shit often happens at random and by accident, and that doing things on the fly with little planning can often yield good results.

Thanks for listening!

DJ Drastik, Stylusts Crew

For booking info, contact Mike Mikkelson or Graeme Bradley

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