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R.I.P Disco D

Jan 23 2007

Everybody was talking about that wicked beat on 50 Cent’s album, so when I heard that Disco D made “Ski Mask Way” I knew I had heard that name before. I went through my record collection and found his album “A Night at the Booty Bar” from 2003. That booty album is one of the best I have ever listened to. Straight fire so I was really happy that this was from the same dude. After “Ski Mask Way” we couldn’t get enough of him, Spank Rock, Braza, Yelle, Trick Daddy and much more. And that Arnold Schwarzenegger video! That was fucking genius.

We got a chance talk to him when he was in Malmö for a gig. We interviewed him for our radio show and I think we asked one question and then he talked for 20 minutes straight. He was so into his stuff that he could have talked about it forever.

We will miss him.

Braza – Son do Braza (zShare)

Spank Rock – Get it on the floor (zShare)

Trick Daddy – Shut up (Disco D remix) (zShare)

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir (Disco D remix) (zShare)

Disco D – No More (Ski Mask Way original)