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R.I.P Disco D

Jan 23 2007

Everybody was talking about that wicked beat on 50 Cent’s album, so when I heard that Disco D made “Ski Mask Way” I knew I had heard that name before. I went through my record collection and found his album “A Night at the Booty Bar” from 2003. That booty album is one of the best I have ever listened to. Straight fire so I was really happy that this was from the same dude. After “Ski Mask Way” we couldn’t get enough of him, Spank Rock, Braza, Yelle, Trick Daddy and much more. And that Arnold Schwarzenegger video! That was fucking genius.

We got a chance talk to him when he was in Malmö for a gig. We interviewed him for our radio show and I think we asked one question and then he talked for 20 minutes straight. He was so into his stuff that he could have talked about it forever.

We will miss him.

Braza – Son do Braza (zShare)

Spank Rock – Get it on the floor (zShare)

Trick Daddy – Shut up (Disco D remix) (zShare)

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir (Disco D remix) (zShare)

Disco D – No More (Ski Mask Way original)

26 thoughts on “R.I.P Disco D

  1. Anonymous

    R.I.P i luved his shiz all day and day, i’m gonna miss that dude. great tracks to post disco, that spank is one of my fav of all time

  2. Joe Bank$

    crucial tracks… it sucks that i just got turned onto him within the past year. looking forward to finding more gems of his.


  3. ggg

    pitchforkmedia.com….he apparently commited suicide.
    What a fucking shame….

    R.I.P Disco D

  4. elin och hanna

    hej! vi håller på med ett arbete om bloggar och makt, och vi skulle vilja göra en mailintervju med någon av er.
    maila oss om det är okej.

  5. Fred

    Saturday is D-Day at The Rumble.

    I found him a kind person and a talanted producer and dj.
    He was the first guest at The Rumble:s current location.
    Photos: http://www.therumble.se/discod

    I’ll be spinnin all my D tunes Saturday at The Rumble.

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    Absolutely one of the best producers of club music EVER and a super nice cat.. Rest well bredrin. So fucking sad it’s ridiculous.

  8. lovelove

    terrible. he was supposed to be producing something for mc messinian’s new album that’s due to come out sometime in april of this year. don’t know if the track was ever finished, but it’s a damn shame.

    a damn shame.

  9. Siyoung

    RIP Disco D Your work ethic and creativity will be forever inspiring.

  10. Wonderboy

    Jag vill börja med att säga att jag har fortfarande inte kunnat smälta att Disco D är död. Jag vill bjuda in er som också tyckte om hans musik att höra mitt “hyllnings/minnes-set” till Disco D på Rival ikväll.
    Info följer nedan:

    Välkommen till Rival vid Mariatorget på Fredag 26/1, Fri Entré.

    Mellan 22-02 står jag bakom dom stora hjulen av stål och servar med tunga prylar. Westcoast/Bay Area/Texas/New Orleans Rap från 90-talets mitt, Electrofunk, 80s grooves, Freestyle & Miami Bass.

    jag kommer även att hedra den talangfulla DJn/Producenten Disco D, vars liv släcktes alldeles för tidigt.
    Så åtminstone en halvtimme med strictly ghettoshit från Disco D blir det även.
    MÃ¥ han vila i frid.

    Med dessa ord tackar jag för nu och lÃ¥ter musiken tala för sig – fredag kväll alltsÃ¥!

    Bass’t Regards


    Diz is so sad.
    Saw him at the Silo in Leuven Belgium. Listened to his records en and danced my ass off on his beats.
    And verry right indeed , you inspired many people!

    Wish you all the booty you can get, we will miss you.
    peace out

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  13. Alex Marton

    dude, please update the links on the song. i have got to listen to the original ‘No more’ song:D it’s a killer! thanks a bunch if you’re doing this. Thank you!

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