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Juvelen remix

Jan 24 2007

Juvelen, one of our favorite new artists, has been featured here before, but now he’s finally releasing his debut EP on Hybris. As he puts it, “songs of the heart, sung from the hip”. “Hanna” will be a single off the EP and if we are the ones to judge, it’s going to be a monster hit!

We were able to score a remix package for you all to play around with. Go ahead and make your mark on this excellent track. Who knows, maybe your remix will come to good use?! Send your goodies here (if you are having trouble with that adress you can send it to us).

Juvelen – Hanna (YSI)

Juvelen – Hanna (zShare)

Juvelen – Hanna (vocal) (zShare)

Juvelen – Hanna (instrumental) (zShare)