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Jan 27 2007

Jacqueline Cummings, aka Mapei, has had a track posted before here on Discobelle. She’s been a favorite of ours for some time now and 2007 looks like it’s gonna be her year. She’s in NYC right now (where she used to live before she moved to Stockholm) but still had the time to send these two new tracks over. Think M.I.A, Neneh Cherry and Leila K all rolled into one fantastic MC, rapping frantically over insane beats.

Mapei – Date rape (YSI)

Mapei – Date rape (zShare)

Mapei – Belly (remix) (YSI)

Mapei – Belly (remix) (zShare)

13 thoughts on “Mapei!

  1. Tobias

    What’s with the ID tags? They’re in japanese and I can’t seem to change them with iTunes.

  2. Martin Post author

    Hahaha, i actually have no idea why they’re in japanese.
    We got the tracks in M4A and Niklas converted them to MP3 but my ID-tags looks fine.

  3. Circus Love

    Lets hope Jackie’s not like Leila K, would be a waste of talent. She’s one to check out live, if you do, hope she brings the booty dancer who looks like a girl from a pony club from the waist up and doing moves from the waist down that could only been seen in Brixton or Jamaica. only in Sweden could this happen! (sorry for th tangent) – now back to the music.

  4. Decida

    People tend to mention Leila K, M I A, Neneh etc…but this girl she can actually R A P…and don’t miss her freestyle sets live either

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