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10 thoughts on “My mind is playing tricks on me

  1. nonstopadopalous

    this file is huuuuuuuuuuge!

    60mb zipped.

    one day this dl will be finished.

  2. placido

    Ohhh dear…. Just went to his myspace page, and I must say that most of these mash-ups are completely out of tune… Like the 1st one taken from this album though.

  3. stylz

    I must say that im a bit disappointed with this one, not much work gone in this…
    It sounds like a guy who just discovered the acapella and instruments tracks on a single ;P

    P.S to the Discobelle admin,
    does anyone listen to the track before they get posted


  4. Hrdina

    I am not feeling this at all. I listened to a few tracks and they mash, but not good mash. There is more to mash-ups than matching bpms my friend.

  5. Long

    he spun at the release party for the actual album when it dropped. i went to it and he’s actually not a very good DJ…at all. dunno why hes “pharrell’s dj”.

  6. Grandmaster Sh1t

    Agree with rest of comments. Quickly thrown together “mashups”. Acapellas and isntrumentals are out of keys. Acapellas are sometimes out of synch and mixed to loud. Sounds like someone wanted to jump on the mashup bandwagon with substandard results.

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