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Scottie B + Martinez

Feb 3 2007

A bit of a clash here in Malmo tonight.

Scottie B, the king of B-more, will grace us with his presence once again (remember when he played at The Rumble with Diplo back in september, the pic above shows what it looked like).

Scottie B – Discobelle mix (ZIP) (zShare)


1.scottie b-baltimore story
2.diplo-shake it up
3.low budget-whutuknowaboutthat
4.mapei-belly roll scottie b baltimore remix
5.g&b-pump me up
6.eric prydz-call on me
7.yeah yeah-body rox
9.scottie b and king tutt-call me al
10.redd foxx-dominator rave mix
11.justice-we r ur friends scottie b baltimore mix
12.rod lee-dance my pain away
13.scottie b and king tutt-mo med
14.frie-throw some d’s remix
15.emynd-set me free
16.scottie b-find a club
17.samir-throw it up

Martinez will also drop his hypnotic techno, bound to keep kids dancing until the wee hours of the morning. They both provided Discobelle with exclusive mixes so i guess we’ll just have to check out both of them.

Martinez – Techno mix 21/1-07 (zShare)