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Yuksek mix

Feb 8 2007

One of our favorite artists from the booming french electro scene, Yuksek, was kind enough to give us this exclusive mix. His new “Composer + Little Dirty Trip” EP with remixes from Surkin and Vicarious Bliss drops on February 26th, it’s amazing. You should all grab it.

Yuksek mix for Discobelle (Sendspace)


YUKSEK – Little Dirty Trip – Vicarious bliss remix
KIM – Wet & wild – Midnight juggernauts remix
EDITORS – Camera – Sebastian remix
YUKSEK – Composer – Surkin remix
CASSIUS – La mouche – Falcon edit
KLAXONS – Atlantis to interzone – Yuksek vs Brodinski remix
SURKIN – Radio fireworks – Riot in belgium remix
BUY NOW – For sale
YUKSEK – Matcho
KAVINSKY – Testarossa overdrive – Sebastian remix
NAAST – Mauvais garçon – Yuksek remix

  • http://mischiefmayhmem.net Adam Westland

    The first track is actually Yuksek – Litty Dirty Trip (Vicarious Bliss Remix)

  • http://www.myspace.com/curtisvodka Curtis Vodka

    i love this dude right here! YUKSEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! JEAAAAAAAAAAH

  • http://artroing.se Arthur

    discobelle, jag älskar er.

  • http://unrivaled.skyblog.com Unrivaled

    Good mix :)

    I Love this track : KAVINSKY – Testarossa overdrive – Sebastian remix


  • http://flmbnt.wordpress.com/ Marcus

    Hur bra som helst!

  • Gustav

    men sendspace verkar lite segt? Någon som vill slänga upp det på zshare?

  • datasyb

    Although Sendspace was a bit bitching, it took me 5 times to finally be able to download the mix, because the free service was at full capacity.

  • http://www.discobelle.net Martin

    Gustav: The file is too big for zShare since it’s over 100 MB.

  • http://totopreality.blogspot.com lit

    naww i can’t download..that is really really sad..need to try it later..

  • Smudge

    crikey, this is freakin great!!
    I have been worshipping at the alter of Kavinsky for months, now I have a new one to slob. Thanx!!

  • http://totopreality.blogspot.com lit


  • Loot

    sweet mix! BELGIEEEEEEEEEE

  • luct

    Yeah, this is freakin’ great. Best mix I’ve heard in while. I had to download via Firefox for some reason. Is the new version of IE incompatible with Sendspace or what?

  • http://www.emodrengindiepige.dk Frede

    fuck, hvor er det genialt!

  • http://www.myspace.com/wwwdjknowonecom Jules Andre-Brown


  • http://www.myspace.com/dmitrij Dmitrij

    I must have it—-fu** sendspace :(((

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where to get this mix. The site hosting it is down! PLEASEEEE i wants!