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Mixin’ it up: Round Table Knights (updated)

Feb 9 2007

We’ve got a hot new name from Europe doing the Mixin’ it up this week.

Round Table Knights from Switzerland made a splash with their Baltimore club laced track “Baltimore Clock Rock” late last fall and now they’re the latest installment of our Mixin’ it up series. Now let us give them a chance to present themselves:

“The Round Table Knights are a DJ/Producer trio consisting of DJ Questionmark, DJ Atomik and DJ Splinter. The trio was founded in the year 2000 in basement in Bern. If you’d have to characterise them by one term, it can only be diversity. The RTK play all kinds of Rock, Electrofunk, Pop, Hip-Hop, House….etc “it’s all about the mix” they say. Since 2002 the Knights are throwing parties all over Switzerland and inviting guests from different musical genres. They played with TTC, DJ Vadim, Gilles Peterson, TY, Spank Rock as well as Modeselektor, Tiga, Simian Mobile Disco, Who Made Who, Tortoise, Tokyo Sex Destruction just to mention a few. In 2004 their first Mix-CD with the slightly ironic title “Only for the Money and the Fame” was released on the Berne-based label Revolt Records, and it hit like a bomb. Immediately the RTK were booked to the Miles Davis Hall at the Jazz Festival Montreux 2004. Also abroad people began to pay attention to them. Apart form several shows all over Switzerland they rocked Berlin and Vienna the in same year. In Spring 2005, the RTK did some Co-Productions for several Swiss artists. Also their second Mix-CD called “It’s Funny How Money Changes The Situation”, was released. In addition to that, a 7″ made it’s way from Switzerland to record stores in London, Berlin and Vienna. Their live performances on 4 turntables and their aura on stage is legendary. Since mid 2004 the Visual Jockeys from Walldisplay complete the music with their visuals. Their live-sets, coordinated with the music, add another thrilling dimension to the RTK-club-nights. In December 2006 the first RTK 12″ hit the stores. So watch out for more hot releases.


Bloc Party – Song for clay
This is the opener to their new album. This track is huge! Definitely one of the best tracks they did so far.

Simian Mobile Disco – It’s the beat
Simian Mobile Disco are responsible for some of the greatest dance tracks out there at the moment. We really dig their sound and we had a funny swizz weekend together last year and now we’re looking forward to their album coming up later this year.

Round Table Knights – Mr. Oizo meets some friends interlude

Larytta – Just in time
We just finished a tour, called “the money tour” together with Larytta here in Switzerland. Their a electro/pop duo from Lausanne. They do great live shows and this is one of our favourite tracks from their debut EP.

DJ Mehdi – Boggin
As we dj’ed together with DJ Mehdi about 3 years ago we just found out the he is one of the friendliest persons we ever met. And as you all know he does great music of course! This track is from his Lp “Lucky Boy”.

Teenager – Alone Again (Van She tech remix)
Oh man! Van She kills it with the remixes. First we heard “I am Finn” track then this one! Killer……

Round Table Knights – Feed Me
This is a track we did recently. We actually don’t have any plans with it so we thought we just throw it in this mix. Hope you like it.

Modest Mouse – Dashboard
The first single from the new Modest Mouse LP. We started listening to Modest Mouse when their last album came out wich was great. But this track is the best thing i heard from them so far!

TTC – Antenne 2
Our favourite track from the new TTC album right now.

Bauchamp – Nuit d’atutomne
This guy also was on the “money tour” together with Larytta and us. We plan to to a sequel to this tour called „how to loose more money“. This track however is from his EP he gave us on the first day of the tour. It’s a great piece of music.

The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star

Round Table Knights – Venus EXXXXXXXxxcclUUUUUSSIIIVVVVEEE
OK this one is an exclusive. The story to this track is: I went home at my parents house for dinner at christmas evening then this track from “shocking blue” was on the radio. I thought damn this would fit great with a baltimore beat. My dad had their cd in his collection and i went home and made this track. this baltimore stuff is so funny but you should not take it to serious.

Third Rock – Pure Essence
We heard this one the first time on the GP mixtape of our friend Dimlite. And we were like WWHHHHHHOOOAA!!!… The RJD2 song with this sample is also great, but this song is killer! We realised just afterwards that the song is featured on the Chrome Children compilation on stones throw.

Cassius – See me now
Just another great song from the new Cassius album. It seems to me that “Toop toop” became all the attention but there’s much more on this album to discover!

Justin Timberlake – Sexy Ladies
We don’t have to talk about this song or album…………………genius…….

Hot Chip – Tchaparian
Not the newest song but still great. We cant get enough from Hot Chip. “Warning” still rocks.

The Good The Bad and The Queen – Herculean
Damon Albarn’s super group. He’s got such a great voice and the LP is full of great songs.

Mystery Jets – Little Bag Of Hair
The Mystery Jets became one of our favourite rock acts last year with their debut album. This is such a beautiful track. If you havent heard the rest of the album yet, it’s really worth to check out!

Round Table Knights – Discobelle mix (Sendspace) RE-UPPED!