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Can you dance to my beat?

Feb 10 2007

We got a mix from a guy that used to work with us at the Swedish club site we used to run (Discobelle.se R.I.P). Take it away Adam:

“This mix was done during the night in cold Sweden. It contains some pretty old, some very old and som wicked, really new stuff, so you better listen up! Pay close attention to the first track, my guess is that you will hear it like a ziljon times this year. Or at least I hope so…”

Karachi – Can You Dance To My Beat? (zshare)


1. I Gave You Away – Audion
2. Daktari (robag wruhmes handkäs mit musikk remixx) – Alter Ego
3. My Mao – Bulgur Brothers
4. Infiltrate – Traffic Signs
5. Saftwerk (Tuning Spork) – Michal Ho
6. Rogoredo – Sandiego
7. Quasar – Mathias Linzatti
8. Stay Out – Tractile
9. Seepage – Gaiser
10. My Beat (Derrick Carter Remix) – Blaze
11. Basics – Giorgos Gatzigristos
12. Dore – Sami Koivikko
13. In The Crack – Les Cerveaux Lents (Ark Et Mikael Weill)
14. Casio (Karachis Small Brake Edit) – Pär Grindvik