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Even more mail!

Feb 17 2007

We are making up for not posting alot of stuff we got. Here are some more things from our mailbox.

Lillica Libertine sent us this tune.

Lillica Libertine – Loose Lips Sink Ships

Chuck sent us this foooooonk song.

fONKSQUISh with DJ Zeph and Michael Hampton – Calling me back

DJA aka DOC$ sent us his remix of “XR 2”.

M.I.A. – XR 2 (DJA aka DOC$ remix)

Electric Cocaine sent us these remixes.

Electric Cocaine (Disco D/Freaknasty) – Da Disco Dip

Electric Cocaine – How we do her over here (Busta/Missy/Kissy Sell Out remix)

We got this from Wale.

Wale – Good girls