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The Discobelle JPG Awards

Feb 23 2007

Time to make sure that you’re getting your Discobelle fix in every way possible. And to celebrate! We now have 1000 friends on MySpace and 200 members of our Last.FM group.

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* Join our group on Last.FM and get music recommendations from other readers

* Become our friend on MySpace, because you’re already there and you might as well.

* Phone our answering machine and shout stupid things when you’re drunk. We’ll make you into an internet celebrity! (443) 450 4004 is the number.

To celebrate the good figures above we thought we do a top 10 JPGs so far:

10. Âmen

9. Sweden vs Norway

8. It.s amazing what a phone call can do

7. Last day to vote

6. X-mas 19: My Love

5. Crunk Rock

4. Trouble in the basement

3. Betty in the backyard

2. I’m just getting warm

and finally, the best Discobelle JPG ever:

1. 200 deep!