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Feb 28 2007

This is a bit old but great nonetheless and for those of you that missed out when this track did the rounds on the blogosphere, here we go:

The story on Zeigeist really took off when someone placed their song “Tar Heart” on the first leaked copies of the latest The Knife album “Silent shout” early last year. Formed in Gothenburg in 2005, they can be described as a punkier The Knife but still there are major similarities (performing with masks, depending on visuals for their live show, similar vocals and that stroke of melancholy in the music etc) and there’s no real surprise that people thought their track on the leaked copies was in fact a The Knife track. Fast forward to 2007 which sees Zeigeist having released a proper version of “Tar Heart” on their debut EP, they’re gearing up for the release of their debut album while doing a Sweden tour in april along with festival gigs this summer.

Zeigeist – Tar Heart (YSI)

Zeigeist – Tar Heart (zShare)