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We got mail (week 11)

Mar 18 2007

Here are some of the tracks people sent us the last couple of days.

Skinny Friedman from the dj crew Philadelphyinz sent us this Tum Tum remix:

Tum Tum – Caprice Music (Skinny remix)

Johan C sent us this tune.

Johan C -I’m gonna take care of you

Mike Saltsman been watching old Clint movies all weekend and sent us this tune.

Mike S – The Good, The Bad, The DJ

.are from Melbourne, Australia
..are one DJ and three MCs
…are at www.myspace.com/gameboygamegirl

Gameboy/Gamegirl – Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp

Samuel is back with a new remix.

Give it to me Samuel

Dirty Disco Youth sent us this.

Dirty Disco Youth – Physical

L-Atr had this tune in his mail.

L-Atr – More

Rusty from Funk Weapons sent us this remix.

Stinkmitt -Secret (all good neighbour remix)

Wale has a new single out.

Wale (ft. TCB) – Ice Cream Girl

Lastly, we got this SebastiAn rework from our friend Alex over at the mighty Skull Juice.

SebastiAn – Head Off (Faex rework)

That’s it for this time.

If you send us stuff: Write a little something about the song. Upload it to zshare or give direct link. We would like see more music that you produced then blends and remixes. If you are a metalband thinking it’s a good idea to send a song, it’s not.