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Mixin’ it up: Willy Joy

Mar 30 2007

Next up doing the Mixin’ it up is Willy Joy. Chicago stand up! Over to Willy:
“Hey, i’m Willy Joy (http://www.myspace.com/willyjoy). I’m 24 going on 25 and I live in Chicago. I just released a mixtape last December called FLYBYNIGHT Vol. 1 to some good reviews – fellow awesome dude Bird Peterson called it “probably my favorite mix of ’06.” Right now i’m loving life andmaking a lot of music, be it remixes, mixtapes, original productions or otherwise. I’m starting a new monthly party here in Chicago and I also hope to come to your town soon, wherever that is. Yes, even yours. I know, I know. It’s ok.

I started off making this mix to try to encompass my style at live gigs but it turned into a little more of unearthing some gems. Also in an unplanned occurence there are a lot of songs with women talking about guys’ asses. And then one with the reverse situation. The whole live show is about asses and moving them anyway, so I’m happy with it.

1. Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
Getting Michael Jackson to sing your fucking awesome hooks about paranoia is easier when you’re Berry Gordy’s son. Fatman Scoop also makes an appearance as does a Lumidee rap.

2. Various Artists – Do They Know It’s Halloween? (Disco D Remix)
RIP DISCO D. This isn’t his most well-known remix but it bangs in a creepy way. Never knew him personally but I miss his presence in the musical world, a lot, and he seemed like a truly wonderful guy.

3. Thunderheist – Horny
This song makes me think about sex.

4. Soulico feat. Axum – Pitom Banu (Wido Remix)
When this song drops it can really change the vibe of a set, in a great way. Feels summer-y and nice on your skin. NEXT YEAR IN THE PROMISED LAND.

5. Unk – Back It Up (Dave Nada Remix)
This is one of my favorite remixes I’ve heard in a long-ass time from anyone. So many good things to say about it. Kudos Dave.

6. Gillette – Do Fries Go With That Shake? (20 Fingers French Fry Mix)
This was made in 1996. THEY COULD SEE THROUGH TIME. At least to me this fits in really well with the new wave of party rap that’s come out in the last couple years.

7. Psykosonik – Welcome To My Mind
Everyone talks about rave coming back, but no one talks about these guys. That’s probably because no one played these dudes’ songs even back in the rave heydey. They had a song on a Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack though! And through random chance their self-titled album was the soundtrack to a weird year or so of my childhood. Anyway fuck everyone i fucking love this song.

8. Hakan Lidbo – Bad Girls Go To Hell
This was my secret weapon for peaktime at hugely drunk college parties circa 2002-2003.

9. Ebony Eyez – In Ya Face Remix (Instrumental) & Lloyd feat. Lil’ Wayne – You (accapella)
This instrumental is so good. I used it like a riddim for the next couple tracks. Definitely changes the tone of the Lloyd track a little.

10. The Pack – At The Club (Willy Joy Remix)
I made this a few months ago. The original was so good, I was a little hesitant, but it turned out alright. I split this up, so the second half of the tune plays after this next one…

11. Young Jeezy/R. Kelly feat VYLE – Go Getta (remix)
I really like Vyle’s music, and I really like Vyle’s rapping. Here’s his take on the best tune from Jeezy’s most recent album. Watch out for his album Oh I Think They Like Hoodtronics Vol. 2 – coming soon from what I understand and im psyched.

12. Big Rich – Scrape ‘n Scoot
“I’ma ball like Hammer did in 1982”
“I’m on my Sprint phone just cussin’ out my girlfriend”

13. Lil’ Flip & Big Pokey – Starched and Cleaned
This starts off a straight-up hip-hop section – With all the crazy remixes and styles that fly around i think a lot of insanely dope rap songs get left by the wayside. Here’s a few of them, starting with this electro-funky joint.

14. Wes Fif & BOB – Haterz Everywhere
You know how good this song is.

15. Willie Joe & DG Yola – Get ‘Em, Got ‘Em
DG Yola just got shot in his face dude. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. This song is so good and should go along with the best gettin’ buck songs in the past few years.

16. Trick Daddy feat. Baby – Tuck Ya Ice
for the first two weeks i got this song i involuntarily got up and started punching the air every time it played, really.

17. Gucci Mane – Pillz
Everyone seems to want to bring raves back – remember what else raves had? Gucci Mane does!

18. Skarr Akbar – I’m So Fly
The rest of this song is really, really good – I only let the chorus play. Baltimore rap exists – it’s not all b-more club (both are awesome, i’m the authority on neither.)

19. Repo Crew – Twist It, Twist It (More Foot Mix)
Here’s a gem from 1993 whose 12″ came out on Pandisc Records. Again,
the girls calling out the dude’s butts. I see nothing wrong with this and heartily endorse it.

20. Shitty Outro
Does what it says on the box, or your money back!”

Download Willy Joy – Ass to ass mix (for discobelle)