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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Another week and we’re kickstarting it with this track.

Our buddies Franki Chan from IHeartcomix and Chicago’s finest, the mighty Flosstradamus, dropped this on us. Another amazing remix designated for the club from Curt and Josh of this dancey indie track by Matt & Kim. 2007 looks like it will definetely be the year of Flosstradamus, just check out URB Magazine.

Matt & Kim – Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus remix) (YSI)

Matt & Kim – Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus remix) (zShare)

If you are in Malmö today don’t forget to join us on the dancefloor at Sweetness Limited at Jeriko.

Line up:

Church electro floor: Azzido da Bass (Luscious Sounds, Slip-N-Slide/D), R.A (Sweetness).

Urban Bar floor: MC Kmass & Steven Bloodbath (US) + Kristian (Discobelle.net, Sweetness).

Bloodbath sent us a mix that you can warm up to!

Download: Steven Bloodbath – computersandrappp (zShare)


1. Intro
2. X-Ray (South Central Remix)- The Maccabees
3. La Musique – Riot In Belgium
4. Take This – Jurgen Paape
5. Holler If You Hear Me – 2 Pac
6. Touch Your Toes (ft Fat Joe) – Armand Van Helden
7. Welcome To Chicago – Future Forward
8. We Push Up On Frenchies (Pink Skull Remix) – Lovely Chords
9. Higher State Blend – Josh Wink, Three Six Mafia
10. Feel My M.F. Bass – Paul Johnson
11. Lollipop Machine – Roman Salzgar
12. Cookie Man – Citty
13. Work It Out – Larry Tee Ft. Princess Superstar
14. Moss Vs. Tree – Felix Cartel
15. Teachers Outro

We’ve enjoyed his edits for quite some time now and he’s killing it over in L.A, so now we proudly present the Them Jeans Discobelle mix. Here he is:

“My Name is Them Jeans. I live in Los Angeles, and do a Tuesday night party at a club called Cinespace, with a guy named Steve Aoki. Everyone I know gets music off Discobelle, so I’m happy to have a mix up…..”


1. Crystal Castles – “Trash Hologram
A good way to get things started off extra zelda-y.
2. Lloyd – “Get it Shawty” (T-Wrecks Bmore Mix)
My girlfriend likes this song wayyyy more than I do, but it seemed to match well with the following track…
3. Yuksek – “Composer”
I’ve liked this track for a long time now, but I never really played it out.. I also cut out the ” let’s start again ” part and went straight into it..
4. Kid Sister “Pro Nails”
I just played my favorite part of the song, which features dude from the next track.
5. Project Pat “I ain’t goin back to jail”
This song sounds like it could have been made 10 years ago.. Pat at his finest.
6. T.I. “Big Shit Poppin”
I play the instrumental a bit before the actual song kicks in… apparently T.I.’s new smash… I don’t know if I totally like it yet, but in a few months it will.
7. ARROW !!! – “Does” (Breakbot’s Remix)
I wanted to have something that would sound dope under the Pase Rock song..I think I found it.
8. Pase Rock / Amanda Blank “Sexy MF ” (Eli Remix)
Really think this song sounds cool…. both pase and amanda kill it…very next level shit..plus anything Eli touches, turns to gold.
9. Mr. Oizo – “Trina700” (Trina Kills Xtended Edit)
I love the little sounds My. Oizo uses, that nobody else would really think to flip. I slowed it down at the end to lay under the next track.
10. Dat Boy Aim – “This My Year” (Acapella)
My buddy Desert Eagles floated this my way…it’s the feel good myspace trap song of 2007.
11. Ratatat ” Track 4 ” (Ratatat Beats)
I dunno where I found this instrumental tack…but I’ll put Ratatat under anything in the club and it just always works.
12. Yelle “Ce Jeu” (Them Jeans Edit)
A lot of girls like this song… sorry dudes. At least you do get a manly Pase Rock drop and the beginning..
13. Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.” (tvbrandy remix)
It seems like alot of people don’t want to play D.A.N.C.E. anymore, but this remix breathes some new life into it. (It sucks to say that about a song that has not even been released yet?), maybe it has, I don’t know.
14. Huey – “Pop Lock & Drop it” (Acapella)
I think this is a perfect song for the club, plus his name is Huey.
15. Daft Punk – “Da Funk” (Thunderous Olympians this mix)
Also a perfect song for the club.
16. DJ Khaled “We Takin’ Over” (Instrumental)
I think this beat is insane..that’s why I just played the inst. But on the real track, T.I. sounds very good over it.
17. Peter Bjorn & John – “Let’s Call it Off”
How could I make an internet mix in 2007 without putting these dudes on it.. I really like the beginning of the song.. it’s very dramatic.
18. Armand Van Helden – “Touch your Toes” (Stretch Armstrong Remix)
Stretch took a really good track and added just enough to make it better.
19. Bloc Party – “I still remember” (Instrumental)
For some reason I really like this song.. you definitely won’t catch me on the street bumping this shit, but if the video comes on TV, I probably won’t change it. And for some crazy reason, Benzi has all them instrumentals.
20. Crime Mob – “Rock Yo Hips” (Acapella)
A dude says ” Goddamn, lil buddy touch your toes”. So I had to put it at the end.

Them Jeans – Discobelle mix (zShare)

Dada Life

Apr 26 2007

Pic: Martin Adolfsson

Our fellow swedes in the techno/house duo Dada Life were kind enough to give us this new and exclusive mix. Some amazing stuff on this, including their upcoming single “Vote yes” that will be released in a few weeks.

Dada Life consists of Olle Cronéer and Stefan Engblom, who also have their own solo projects: Dibaba and Phatzoo. If you wanna hear some more from them, the lovely Tiva over at Fluokids just put up some more of tracks and you should check out their previous single “The great fashionista swindle” that features a slew of great remixes.

Dada Life – Discobelle mix (YSI)

Dada Life – Discobelle mix (zShare)


Paul Kalkbrenner – Gebrünn Gebrünn (Bpitch)
Lützencraft – Amplify (Craft)
Kevin Gorman – DMX (Gigolo)
Dada Life – The Great Fashionista Swindle (Pickadoll)
Rockers Hi-Fi – Push Push (MANDY Remix) (Great Stuff)
Presslaboys – Eklettic (Viva)
Dada Life – Vote Yes (Prestel)