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We got mail

Apr 7 2007

Been superbusy as usual but here are some random stuff we got. If anyone know Codebreaker please tell them to stop sending us stuff.

Here we go:

Lorn from NY sent us this:

Mr. Oizo – Transexual (Lorn Remix)

Funk Weapons sent us something form their upcoming release.

Wicked Lester – Heartbreaker remix

Alex from the electro band called The Badical sent us this.

The Badical – Manhole 69

DJ Ekstra wanted you to hear his Ice Box remix. Like we needed another one. It aint all bad.

Omarion – Ice box infiltrator (DJ Ekstra remix)

Matthew Savant is back with a new tune. Yeah!

Matthew Savant – DJs don’t dance

Naughty DJ D:

hey guys. i know you guys insisted on not submitting any remixes or mash ups but this track is just too damn sexy. the synths!!! here’s lloyd’s “valentine” reworked with omarion’s “beg for it”. my girlfriend and i have a little list that we use, i wanted something a little bit different so i reworked it. slowed down synths to get that workin’ beat.

Lloyd – Valentine (Naughty DJ D remix)

Rock Machine Records sent us a song from an upcoming release.

Electrosexual & Scream Club (ft. Peaches) – FINE AS FUCK

Mr Brown wanted us the check out his new work.

Dirty Disco Youth – Physical education (Mr Brown remix)

ZNTN sent us some stuff he and Photonz been working on.

Modest mouse – Dashboard (Incognito girls edit by Photonz, chopped by Zntn)

Bruno sent us a song he made.

Xinobi – Car Chase

Petter sent us a little remix his friend and his sax made.

Markus Ernehed – Hot Milkshake

The boys in The Glamour sent us their latest track, it sort of reminds us a little bit of Lo-Fi-Fnk and that’s pretty good.

The Glamour – Kidz Night

Our friend William Russell did a remix of the M.I.A and Timbo track “Come around”.

Timbaland (ft. M.I.A) – Come around (William Russell remix)

And the last song is a late remix of Hanna from Dame Veneno.

Juvelen – Hanna (Dame Veneno remix)

Stuff that we got before the 25th of march and I didn’t had time to post went to the trashcan. Sorry. Better luck next time.