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We got mail (week 15)

Apr 13 2007

This is what the cat dragged in this week. I will try to be nice this time.

Lets start it off with the first remix we got of MALENTE – tHIS MANROx. If you want to do your own verison go here and download what you need

Here is Gingy‘s version (if there’s positive feedback i’ll extend the track or something, but i kind of like it the way it is.)

Malente – tHIS MANROx (gingy’s glitchy etc remix)

Johannes Prüller sent us this Kasabian remix.

Kasabian РLSF (Cr̬me Prul̩e Remix)

Kid Adikt sent us this demo version.

Kid Adikt – Paris By Night (Demo Version)

Donny Goines sent us two new songs.

Donny Goines Featuring “Hannibal” Jack Danz – Sweat it Out

Donny Goines – Slow Down

Rob sent us a remix of a Does It Offend You, Yeah? song.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rock Stars (remix)

Sox sent us his remix of DJ Mehdi – Signatune

DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Sox remix)

Predakon sent us his remix of Kid Sister.

Kid Sister – Let it bang (predakon remix)

Iggy sent us a a track he been working on under the name Norrit.

Norrit – Oh Yeah

Tony sent us this tune from the London girl duo Switchblades. The tune was recorded back in 2004. Still kind of fun.

Switchblades – You Just Suck