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Apr 20 2007

Feeling lazy today so i stole this from 1xtralarge who stole it from spine:

Klashnekoff, Skepta & JME – 110 Sessions Produced by Just Blaze

“Finally the wait is over and this track doesn’t dissappoint especially if You from this side of the pond. U.S heads may not be in to this ( they just don’t ‘get’ Grime do they?) but this is a wet dream for us British folk . And yep, JME Kills it as usual. You U.S boys betta Know!

See photos of the event here

Props again and again to Spine Magazine for making this happen.”

Don’t miss the new LOX song that is up on Spine.

LOX – We’re back.

Everybody should steal more stuff from Spine. They are always on top of things.