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Certified Bananas vs. Smalltown DJ’s + Diplo

May 4 2007

Damn, shit’s dropping like crazy at the moment. So much great stuff coming out but it’s a good thing we here at Discobelle keep you covered.

Unfortunately no Mixin’ it up this week (we know, we’ve been slacking but we promise that things will get better soon), instead we bring you these two mixes. The first one is from Certified Bananas (the boys who brought you the excellent Sweden on Blast) vs. Smalltown DJ’s.

On March 5th, 2007, The Smalltown DJs and Certified Bananas met in an orange colored studio on the other side of the Calgary train tracks to make a mixtape. After exchanging pleasantries, Sammy Bananas set up the computers while Mike Grimes broke out the fresh squeezed orange juice which is always stocked in his fridge. Certified Max unwrapped the takeout delights from that Indian spot around the corner from the Hi-Fi, and Pete Emes spilled some raita on his wool hunter’s cap. After the meal, the music began and a story unfolded; these North American Scum had hours to work, but a mere 30 minutes for the tale. What transpired was a legend for the ages. It is the story of 4 djs, in a big concrete room, eating indian food, watching a big flat screen tv on mute and playing records. The sun had long since set over the Canadian Rockies when they packed up the tools of their trade and parted ways. A few days later, the Bananas were shredding the gnar in the pacific northwest while the Smalltowns were back to the grind of Cowtown domination. But the music lives on, the music lives on forever. Jizz Cannons 4 Life.”

Certified Bananas vs. Smalltown DJ’s – North American Wildlife mix (zShare)

The second mix is a short but sweet one from our man Diplo (courtesy of the good folks over at The Fader and some dude on the Hollerboard).

Diplo – Annie Mac minimix (YSI)

Diplo – Annie Mac minimix (zShare)

Y’all need these to make your weekend better.