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Kitsuné goes to Malmo

May 15 2007

The founders of Kitsuné, Gildas & Masaya, will once again bring their dj-skills to Malmo for a set at I Love on wednesday (a club run by two of our favorite girls, Emilia & Maria). We will be there dancing our socks off!

As a special treat for the party tomorrow the good people over at Kitsuné decided to send us some exclusive stuff. We got a Kitsuné Maison 4 promo mix (the compilation will be out June 11th) and we also got a brand spanking new rough electro banger of a track called “Wired” from Jence (of Digitalism).

Jence – Wired (YSI)

Jence – Wired (zShare)

Kitsun̩ Maison 4 РPromo Mix (YSI)

Kitsun̩ Maison 4 РPromo Mix (zShare)


Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body
Dragonette – I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts remix)
Phones – Worryin’
Crystal Castles – Knights (Demo Version)
The Whip – Divebomb (short edit)
Riot In Belgium – La Musique (Adam Sky mix)
Hadouken! – Tuning In (H! re- rub)
Feist – My Moon My Man (Boyz Noize Classic Mix)
Guns N’ Bombs – Crossover Appeal (radio edit)
Passions – Emergency (radio edit)
Num̩ro# РHit Pop
Foals – Hummer
Punks Jump Up – Dance To Our Disco
Darkel – Be My Friend